SpaDreams Fasting Guide

SpaDreams Fasting Guide

Types of fasting

Types of Fasting

• Buchinger's Therapeutic Fasting

The most frequently used method of fasting. It involves drinking only vegetable soups and juices. The intestines are purged with the help of gentle laxatives.

•  F.X. Mayr's Fasting

Essentially a “milk bread diet”. Based on the principles of protection, cleansing and training, it aims for long term bowel cleansing.

•  Traditional Schroth Therapy

Characterised by switching between drinking and dry days. Another important component is the use of wet wraps.

•  Juice Fasting

Only fruit and vegetable juices are consumed.

• Fruit Fasting

Only fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts are consumed.

• Metabolic Balance®

Holistic approach to weight management. The development of an individual is central to this type of fasting.

• Detox Treatment

The body is slowly detoxified. Combines individual elements of different fasting methods and focuses on an alkaline rich diet.