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Paleo Wellness Retreat

Losing weight with Paleo

While in tropical Thailand, you have the choice of many activities to support your weight loss with the Paleo diet - the "stone age diet." You may choose how many activities in which you would like to participate, including yoga, thai boxing, aqua fitness, ice baths and many more.

Packages and Programmes with Best Price Guarantee

Weightloss with Paleo

from 7 nights, double room, special meals



For optimal fitness, health and hormonal balance. Prevention of diabetes, high blood pressure, eczema. For tiredness, low energy, sluggish metabolism.
Combination of ketosis (fat burning), exercise, detoxification and stress reduction and recovery of new energy.

  • Morning walk (30-60 min.)
  • 1x massage in your own room
  • Transfer from and to the Phuket Airport

Weekly programme as on offer:

  • 3x Thai boxing
  • 3-4x yoga
  • 3x further activities e.g. aqua fitness, fit ball, Pilates
  • 3x sauna
  • 3x ice bath
  • 3-4x nutrition consultation with nutrition specialist
  • 2-3x workshop with therapists
  • 5x evening meditation/ Qi Gong/ Thai Chi
  • 1-2x cookery demonstrations
  • 1-2x excursions to local attractions

Your holiday can be extended on request and the number of activities/services will be adapted accordingly.

Recommended for the following conditions

Heart / Vessels / Circulation, Obesity / Overweight

Telephone booking code: 78WP1

Modify stay

Paleo Wellness Retreat in detail

Your Hotel

☀ The house "Villa Grande", located in the countryside on the Chalong Hill near the beach,  impresses with Asian and individually designed rooms as well as personal attention.

How You Reside

7 rooms in the "Villa Grande". Standard rooms with shower / WC, WiFi, air conditioning, terrace. Luxury rooms also have a balcony and either jacuzzi, 360° view over the sea and Phuket or direct access to the communal pool (subject to availability). Single rooms are double rooms for single use.

Standard Double

Standard room centrally located in the "Villa Grande" with shower / WC, air conditioning, terrace, queen or king-size bed and Wi-Fi.

Room code for telephone bookings: 78WD1

Standard SGL= DBL

Standard room located centrally in the "Villa Grande" with shower/WC, in a queen-or king-size-bed as well as WiFi. Double room for single use.

Room code for telephone bookings: 78WE1

Luxury Double

Luxury rooms, each with a unique design and different features, either Jacuzzi, loft-facing views over the sea and Phuket or direct access to the communal pool (subject to availability). With shower / WC, air conditioning, balcony / terrace, queen or king-size bed and Wi-Fi.

Room code for telephone bookings: 78WD2

Luxury SGL= DBL

Luxury rooms, each with individual design and different features, either jacuzzi, panoramic views over the ocean and Phuket, or direct access to the community pool (allotment upon availability). With a shower / WC, a queen or king-size bed and WiFi; In the "Villa Grande". Double rooms for single use.

Room code for telephone bookings: 78WE2

Food & Drinks

Balanced, gluten and lactose free Paleo diet with quality ingredients from around the world and locally grown organic foods. Paleo full-board Diet: Morning "Magic Coffee", Lunch and Dinner. Upon reservation, food intolerances are taken into account.

Spa & Wellness

Thai massages, oil and foot massages, facials, acupuncture, physiotherapy, oxygen therapy, and much more.


Seawater pool, garden. Workshops on nutrition and motivation. Activities such as yoga, thai boxing, meditation. Trips to the market, beaches and cities (depending on availability). Private lessons for an additional fee.

Location & Surroundings

Phuket offers white sandy beaches, chalk cliffs and friendly Thai hospitality.

Getting There

Transfer HKT airport included.

Nearby Airports
Phuket International Airport (HKT) : (approx. 42 km / 67 minutes)

Additional Information

Children: not permitted, babies on request.

Pets: not permitted.

English knowledge is advantageous.

Good to Know

This is what a typical daily routine could look like during your weight loss programme:

7am : "Magic Coffee"
8 am: Walk on the beach or in the park
10am-12pm: workshop/sports activity/sauna
12 noon: lunch
1pm-3 pm: workshop/Fun Tour/free time
4pm: ice bath
6pm: dinner
7pm: workshop/meditation/free time/massage

Full-board Paleo Diet

Paleo is based on selected fresh seasonal ingredients that have been part of the human diet for thousands of years:

  • high quality proteins, e.g. grass-fed cattle, free range chickens
  • healthy fats, e.g. coconut, avocado, walnuts, salmon, olive oil
  • nutrient-rich plants, e.g. broccoli, cauliflower, seaweed, sauerkraut
  • coffee or green tea
  • excluding industrially processed foods, cereals, soy, dairy, corn, vegetable oils and sugar
  • not suitable for vegetarians because of animal fats and proteins

Intermittent fasting:

  • all meals and essential nutrients are taken during a shortened window of time
  • in the extended meal break, the body resorts to its reserves
  • weight loss without ongoing hunger
  • positive effect on the insulin levels, helps prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease, among other ailments

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