Achieve your perfect bikini figure

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Achieve your perfect bikini figure

Lose weight on holiday with fasting programmes and more

Frankfurt, 13th of August 2014. Many women know this problem: Vacation time is almost there and the figure is not good enough for wearing a bikini. And how could one stick to a diet while the others are enjoying ice cream? So it seems more attractive to combine enjoyment with benefit so one can slim down while having relaxing holidays. So at the end of the holiday you can return to your everyday life with new beauty and are deeply relaxed. SpaDreams has compiled the best diet and detox travels in Europe.

Base Fasting

With base fasting, specifically tailored meals help to cleanse the body of toxins and excess acids and let women shine in a new light. The focus lies on fruit, vegetables, legumes and oils. In addition, the body gets beautiful, slim and healthy with external base treatments such as algae wraps, sodium bicarbonate baths and salt and oil baths. The Health & Wellness Hotel Albblick**** offers all this and much more. The spa area and beautiful scenery make losing weight relaxing, just like you have always dreamed of. (


Purification and thereby dropping unnecessary heavy burdens - that is the promise of the FX Mayr-Kur. This well-known method, also known as milk-bread diet, focuses on the digestion which will be "refurbished" by using a holistic nutrition concept. In Upstalsboom Hotel meerSinn****S on Ruegen, doctors and therapists conduct individual consideration & cleansing according to modern FX Mayr medicine. In addition to detox and Kneipp treatments, guests can stay active by doing Nordic walking at the beach on the Baltic Sea as well as with Pilates and yoga - so you aren’t just slimmer and healthier but also more relaxed and with new energy when you go back to your everyday life.

Metabolic Balance®

On the basis of a blood test, an individual nutrition plan is created for the Metabolic Balance® diet that will bring your metabolism back into balance. The composition of your food is matched individually to the chemistry of the body. If you just want to relax and don’t worry about sticking to the plan, you will be treated in the Océano Hotel Health Spa**** by the Vital cook who prepares individual meals for you. The Atlantic panorama and Wellness area with Thalasso area help to find your dream weight and the right, relaxed attitude. (


The LOGI method considers the effect of individual foods on blood sugar levels and focuses on a low carbohydrate diet (hence Low Glycemic and Insulinemic). The metabolism is positively influenced and stimulated to burn more fat. The Concordia Wellness & Spa Hotel****S ensures that the ladies neither have to give up their desired weight nor tasty culinary specialities. The hotel offers delicious menus according to LOGI specifications and scores with countless ways to bring the body into the right form with wellness and sports in the beautiful foothills of the Alps. (

Macrobiotic SHA diet

Enjoy delicious food and still lose weight. How this works is demonstrated in the SHA Wellness Clinic**** in Spain at the Costa Blanca. The SHA diet cuisine pampers guests with easy and delicious macrobiotic dishes. The luxury resort offers modern facilities and a variety of leisure and relaxation facilities. From cooking classes to yoga, Qi Gong and personal trainers to a large SHA Spa with massages, hydrotherapy, Shiatsu and acupuncture, everything is done for a relaxing and easy holiday. The Personal Butler Service can be used by every guest. That is probably how everybody dreams to lose weight. (

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