Diet in France - Relax and slim down with Dukan

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Diet in France

Relax and slim down with Dukan

Relax and slim down with Dukan

Frankfurt, October 1st, 2014: Everybody knows this problem: Especially in the stress of everyday life, a balanced and varied diet often falls short and thus leads farther and farther away from the desired weight. Dukan shows how healthy living and weight loss can be designed in a varied and tasty way. The method enjoys great popularity amongst Hollywood celebrities and Lady Catherine used this method to get into shape for the royal dream wedding.

"Slim as the Eiffel Tower, but not so wiry ..."

… that’s how women, according to Dr. Pierre Dukan, will look like with his diet. The method promises success mainly due to its high-protein diet; fats and carbohydrates are avoided. A four-step system makes it possible to gradually and gently get the body used to a new diet that will, in combination with a certain amount of exercise, help to permanently achieve the ideal figure. The absence of food measurements and the variety of allowed foods and combinations turn this slimming method into a culinary experience. Simple rules and the relatively low amount of time needed ensure that Dukan is also compatible with your daily life in the long term and therefore a consistently beautiful bikini figure is now within reach.

Dukan & Thalasso

Who wants to find his or her dream figure with this relaxed and easy method or just wants to keep an ideal weight during the holiday should plan a stay in the The Residence Tunis *****S. At the hotel, experts create personal diets and plans while the five restaurants offer special Dukan menus to ensure that the weight loss turns into a culinary delight. The magnificent gardens of the spacious grounds and the spa with a Thalasso therapy centre strengthen the healthy new body feeling. Losing weight has never been as relaxed and charming as in this fairy tale palace with sea view (

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