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Beat office stress with SpaDreams

Time-out against burnout

Frankfurt, 30th October, 2014 The world around us is becoming faster and the standards that you set for yourself and others are increasing rapidly. If this pressure is too much in the long run, it will result in being overwhelmed and exhausted. Strength of body and mind decrease and signs of extreme exhaustion increase.

The longer this condition lasts, the harder it is to take a break, to come to rest and unwind. People who suffer from severe stress or even the burnout syndrome often lose sight of proportionality and their sense for priorities. This does not only decrease the performance of their work, but privacy and health are also negatively affected. The signs often get recognized too late or are ignored - because those who "burn out", have to "burn" beforehand - and so professional help is necessary or at least beneficial. For it is not primarily a question of doing nothing, but to break bad habits and set patterns and to learn to concentrate on the essentials. As the stress-level survey conducted by SpaDreams shows, over half of those polled think they may be at risk of suffering from a burnout (

Kamalaya Koh Samui***** has taken on the task to help you to pay attention to yourself and your own needs and thus to restore the emotional balance. The holistic resort has been built in a natural cave that was used centuries ago by Buddhist monks for meditation and contemplation. This atmosphere and the quiet location in the south of the tropical island of Koh Samui, on the pristine sandy beach of Laem Set, provide the perfect setting to be guided by the experts of the holistic resort with Traditional Chinese Medicine and diverse counselling to find a way back into a more balanced life. (

Why travel far when the good (and the stress-liberating) things are yet so near? The TOMESA in Bad Salzschlirf offers the ideal base to counteract stress and exhaustion. After a thorough psychological consultation, a balanced relaxation and exercise programme is the basis of burnout prevention. Advice on stress management and nutrition as well as wellness and fitness programmes should also help to improve the quality of life permanently. The relaxing atmosphere and the beauty and tranquillity of nature help you to slow down and regenerate (

The Kneippianum**** offers a "pit stop for busy people". A team of experts offers psychological stress-coaching and classes on relaxation, mindfulness and massages to ensure the best possible recovery and regeneration for each guest. Revitalizing massages and baths as well as a broad sports programme and a KneippSpa will help to de-stress and release the guest with new strength and confidence back into his everyday life (

Many other offers against burnout and stress management can be found at

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