Rediscover your inner-self with Ayurveda at Meiveda

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Rediscover your inner-self with Ayurveda at Meiveda

Bring your body, spirit and soul into balance with Original-Ayurveda

Frankfurt, 21st September, 2015. Anyone looking to learn all about authentic Ayurveda should not miss out on this special offer! In the centre of a dreamlike 1.5 hectare garden, directly on the white sandy beach of Chavakkad, the Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort welcomes its guests. SpaDreams guests can take advantage of a "14=12 offer" - stay for 14 nights, pay for just 12. With this offer, 14 nights in a double room with full board can be booked from £796 per person.

Recreating balance between body, spirit and soul is the main goal of this authentic Ayurveda centre, which specialises in traditional healing methods under the guidance of ayurvedic doctors and a team of professional therapists. In order to offer its guests personal and individualised Ayurveda cures, the resort has downsized and now serves just a small number of guests. For the experts, constantly adapting the ayurvedic treatments to suit the individual needs of the guests is just as much part of the service as everyday customer care. (  )

The Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort focuses on "Kalari-Ayurveda", a form of Ayurveda which originated in Kerala. Its extensive applications are aligned with the Marma-Nadi system which considers parts of the human body - "Marmas" (energy points) - to be particularly energetic and sensitive, and explores the relationship between these points and the "Nadis (energy channels), which are connected to various bodily systems. This healing method is helpful for eye problems, issues with the cardiac cycle, skin diseases, diabetes, digestive problems, high blood pressure and allergies.

Guests at this resort can leave the stress of everyday life behind them and rediscover their true selves. Inner-peace can be sought at the Yoga-Pavillon with meditation and relaxation sessions or through yoga on the spacious sandy beach.

Whether Vata, Pitta or Kapha, the Ayurveda Restaurant will take care of the needs of guests of all three dosha types with their delicious "tridosha" meals. The restaurant is also happy to offer European meals and to adhere to any special dietary requirements. Due to the vegetarian basis of ayurvedic philosophy, fish is only prepared on request.

Travellers who seek to sooth their senses in nature can explore the famous backwaters of the Athirapilly waterfalls, or take a trip to Thrissur and visit the Sakthan Palace. The elephant camp and Guruvayoor with its famous over 5000 year old Krishna temple are also popular excursion destinations.

Additional information about the Meiveda Ayurveda Beach Resort can be found here:


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