SpaDreams presents the 5 most popular weight-loss resorts

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Our top 5 Weight Loss resorts

SpaDreams presents the 5 most popular weight-loss resorts

Frankfurt, May 13, 2015. When the first sunbeams show and its forest green, at the same time increases the desire for physical vitality. And there are several ways to slim the line for the coming summer: While the focus is on diets at the fastest possible results of the weight loss, the fasting method also focuses on ridding the body of toxins. Whether the classical fasting 'Buchinger', a thorough intestinal rehabilitation as part of the 'FX Mayr Kur', the delicious smoothie modern detox method or a basic food for the purposes of Schroth; Firstly have the detoxifying applications, all set a goal: to lose unnecessary weight in a gentle way. A thorough detoxification and de-acidification, brings an awareness on the really important things in life, a renewed appetite for movement, a "reset" to a healthy and joyful life which can unleash unimagined energy. As the largest tour operator specialising in health and wellness travel presents SpaDreams - fit for the start of the summer season - the 5 most popular weight-loss hotels we have.

Spa holiday in the land of the Magyars is a tradition at SpaDreams. Above all, the Danubius Health Spa Resort Hévíz **** meets all expectations for a relaxing spa stay with figure optimising successes with professional health care & fasting! Hobbyhorse of the house in the field of weight control is the program to Buchinger fasting. With currently 20% of the fasting programme this is an ideal time to book this resort in the Health state that is Hungary. More here:

Fasting friends see the Malteser hospital of Weckbecker in the Bavarian Rhoen an ideal retreat for weight-loss. Here Fasting is based on a profound experience and on a first-class medical and therapeutic centre & personal care. Harmonious hotel atmosphere and an idyllic fasting resort. Take a look here for the great prices in Germany, 8 days with fasting meals, an amazing £626 PP!

The hot climate and the beautiful surroundings of the Spanish island of Tenerife is the perfect setting for sustainable weight loss and holistic recovery, right by the beach and ideal location for a lot of enthusiasts. 11 days "Detoxing" by modern F.X. Mayr Medicine with breakfast there at Oceano Hotel Health Spa is a recommended programme! Check it out here:

The Sha Wellness Clinic,  in El Albir on the Costa Blanca in Spain is one of the world's leading hotel-clinics in the luxury segment. Even famous celebrities visit here and out on a regular basis. With SHA Weight Loss you will have kilos disappear, as if it was magic: As they specialise in weight loss and health it is an idea resort beautiful placed to enjoy the surroundings. Take a look in depth here:

In historic Karlsbad the Spa Resort Sanssouci **** is quietly located but beautifully positioned: With the detox program offered the body and mind to be detoxified bring back together the body balance & harmony along with weight loss and beneficial health complements from doing this.  Recently renovated and located in beautiful Czech Republic...Check here for the full details:

Look online for all our hotel & programme deals here and keep up to speed with everything:

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