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The Need for A Healthy Holiday

SpaDreams Publishes 2017 Health Tourism Trends

 Frankfurt, 21st February 2017.

Health holidays are in. More and more people are now using their holidays to refresh both their body and mind. SpaDreams – the leading specialist as four trends for 2017. The analysis of the data from the largest health tourism database in Europe has indicated a significant increase in demand for specific holiday offers.

(1) Holidays for Detox, Weight Loss and Fasting

More than just relaxation: bespoke nutritional programmes make a holiday a wholesome experience.Whether detox, weight loss or complete abstinence of delicious temptations – the demand for a nutrition-conscious holiday is growing rapidly.

(2) Relaxation at Luxury Resorts

Striving for health and beauty does not have to mean suffering anymore. Holidaymakers have discovered that comfort and pleasant ambience enhance therapeutic effects. Both domestic and foreign destinations offer an increasing number of luxury health and wellness resorts.

(3) Yoga Holidays

Escaping the hectic, everyday grind has become the aim of many travellers. There are increasingly more retreats to find your inner balance again. Many facilities offer relaxation and meditation for both beginners and advanced yoga enthusiasts. Thanks to the change of environment, the motivation is also stronger here than at home.

(4) Health and Medical Wellness

Health holidays are no longer just the domain of senior travellers. Taking two to four weeks
off to care for one’s health will help every generation. Medical wellness and prevention are
the key ways to avoid burn-out. Some may even receive a subsidy from their insurer.
Ultimately, prevention is the best medicine.

Claudia Wagner, the managing director of SpaDreams says: „More and more people arerecognising that on holiday you can treat yourself to something more than just lying on thebeach. Quality health programmes promote well-being and a radiant appearance. Many of ourcustomers regularly come back encouraged by the results. A health holiday gives an energyboost they can feel long after they’ve returned home”

Hotels – The New Health and Wellness Retreats
From cosy hotels to large health centres: Hotels have long since recognised the ever-growing
target group of health tourists, offering nutrition programmes, yoga specialists, therapists and
holistic treatments in addition to traditional spa-offers. Now, a holiday could be the perfect
opportunity to turn back the clock and reduce biological age. Here is a selection of SpaDreams
recommended hotels:

Many other offers can be found on the website: 

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