Roman Thermal Spas of Europe

Roman Thermal Spas of Europe

Ancient traditions, modern cures

Relax and Recover in Spas Steeped in History

These warm thermal baths date back to Roman times and are filled with mineral rich water that relaxes muscles and can helps relieve various joint problems such as rheumatism and arthritis, as well as soothe allergies and skin complaints. Thermal water has the power to sooth your body from head to toe, creating a unique sensation of pure wellness.

Together with our partners, The European Spas Association and Europe Spa you can  experience the culture of Roman Baths once again. With specially selected Thermal Spas and Health Centres in Italy, Germany, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, and Portugal, we intend to bring the Roman Bath culture into the modern world!

Resorts offering the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe programmes can be found in countries with a long tradition of thermal baths. Hungary is known as the country with 1,000 hot springs - the ancient Greeks loved Thermal Baths just as much as the ancient Romans.

We have a vast selection of authentic thermal baths for you to choose from. On a Thermal Baths Wellness holiday, you can enjoy the relaxing effects of the warming thermal water and release tension from your mind, body and soul.

There are numerous thermal treatments on offer for you to enjoy, such as mud wraps, hydrotherapy and rejuvenating massages to relieve your joints and skin complaints.

SpaDreams, ESPA and EuropeSpa are pleased to offer you our selection of the Roman Thermal Spas of Europe. We hope you have a truly relaxing and refreshing holiday!



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