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About us

SpaDreams was founded in 2013 by the German tour operator Fit Reisen.

Fit Reisen is the leading tour operator for Health and Wellness Tourism and it is based in Frankfurt-on-Main. With its high-quality, diverse offers and individual service Fit Reisen has established itself as a market leader in its segment in Germany. The motto of the company is: ‘Satisfaction is not enough; we want to excel!’

The company was founded by Herbert Haum over 35 years ago. Originally positioned as a health tour operator Fit Reisen has developed a brand new concept: the focus of the tours was on healthy holidays complemented by attractive beauty, fitness and recreational activities enhancing the quality of life. Today Fit Reisen offers over 3,500 different spa, health & fitness and beauty treatments at over 400 locations in more than 50 countries. For more information about Fit Reisen, click here.

Since 2009 the management of Fit Reisen and SpaDreams is in the hands of Jan Seifried, Claudia Wagner and Dr. Nils Asmussen. SpaDreams was founded in 2013 in order to offer the successful health and wellness concept of Fit Reisen outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and thereby attract even more spa lovers! The offers are available in different languages such as English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Polish and Chinese. The headquarters of SpaDreams is located in Hamburg, where professional and dedicated consultants under the leadership of Dr. Nils Asmussen take care of the wellbeing of our customers. 

Satisfaction is not enough; we want to bring inspiration!


'SpaDreams: world spa and wellness oases – destination: health and wellness!'

SpaDreams has been a specialist and pioneer for physical health and well-being for over 35 years. We develop and organise high quality trips with the purpose to boost your health and wellness. Our service is tailored to individual needs, professional and reliable as well as friendly. 

Our goal is to make each customer happy and make them enjoy a dream holiday thanks to our first class service. Everybody in our team is comitted to pursue this goal and ensure that all our guests are satisfied with their holiday experience.

Values and Cooperation

'We have high expectations from ourselves as well as from the products and services we offer.' 

We treat every person individually and we share our genuine positive attitude and motivation through customer-friendly service. It gives us pleasure and pride to inspire other people.

We are highly motivated and competent to pursue the best results and at the same time we take pride from our honesty, reliability as well as fairness and transparency of our propositions and offers.  

We are a team and we work as one to realise our corporate philosophy. We build bridges between departments and locations. We support each other and deal carefully with the resources of other people. We divide our tasks in a way that enables each of us use their talents and capabilities in the beast possible way. 

Our cooperation is based on trust, respect, tolerance and awareness. We cater conflicts openly, listen to each other and consider alternative opinions. We are open to any kind of feedback as we are improvement-oriented.


'Highest quality is our goal and our passion.'

We aim at accuracy and perfection in everything we do. All the processes we are involved in at SpaDreams are customer-oriented to meet and exceed expectations of our customers.  We are aware that every customer is an individual and with our tailored services we create wow factors to share our excitement and passion with each of our clients. We welcome any feedback as we want to improve further and excel.

Customer Service

'With heart and expertise we make your dream holiday come  true.'

Our consultants go beyond standard assistance and work like personal advisers and sometimes even like conunselors listening carefully to the wishes of our customers to understand their needs and desires. Every offer is prepared with skil and enthusiasm.  We love to arrange individual trips for our clients and we are looking forward to being the first point of contact during the journey after the trip. We are open-minded, cheerful and authentic therefore in addition to the professional relation, we create personal connections with our customers.

Partner Hotels

'A partnership with the leader in health & wellness travel is successful and fun!'

SpaDreams differentiates itself from other tour operators through the greatest range of hotels offering wellness & health programs and treatments. Excellent relations with our partner hotels have been achieved through close cooperation and individual approach. Only high quality hotels with distinctive service and health orientation are chosen by the product management and successfully presented by SpaDreams directly and by more than 10.000 travel agency partners. The unique points of each hotel are highlighted to allow customers choosing their holiday stay accordingly to individual needs.  

Furthermore we are happy to serve our partner hotels as consultants since we are highly specialised in the health & wellness tourism sector. We know very well the wishes and expectations of the guests as well as the hottest trends and innovations in the health, spa & wellness industry.


'Our holiday packages are as individual as our customers: Everything is possible!'

As a specialised tour organiser, we know the newest trends and select the ones most effective for enhancement of health & well-being. This way we create and shape an exclusive and individual product which is tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer. We make the impossible come true and always offer the most attractive deal with best price guarantee.

Travel Agencies

'Unmatched expertise and individual care distinguish SpaDreams as a travel agency partner.'

SpaDreams is the first contact when it comes to health-related travels. We offer fast and cooperative handling of all requests and personal availability to share our expertise in health & wellness travel. We ensure highest reliability and provide clear and easy booking processes for many systems.


'We market our products in line with clear positioning and a belief in honest and genuine presentation of the features of the quality products we advertise. We place a great value on the recommendations of our satisfied customers, which help us to prove our market leading position.'

We anticipate the desires of our guests as we keep on the newest trends and we are pride to offer dream holidays. We deliver what we promise. We pursue our objectives set up in line with our mission and vision. Through the clear positioning as a health travel organiser we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the competition. The most important and best advertisers are satisfied customers. All our employees bear it in mind and make all efforts to exceed the expectations of our clients. 

Economic Viability

'Only healthy growing SpaDreams can convey healthy travelling.'

Every our employee  demonstrates enterpreneurial skills in ability to weigh costs and benefits and manages time through prioritisation of tasks for efficient work. Our employess know the meaning and worth of their work for the company's success. This results in appreciation and personal responsibility for contribution to common goals through individual tasks. 

Any challenges and problems encountered by our employees are solved effectively as our employees know that they can count on help of their superiors and openly report any obstacles.

Our work is profitable. With  continued grow above the market average we aim at  annual sales growth of 30%. To achieve this high goal, we have to be better than the rest of our competitors in every aspect. We strive to be  even faster and more efficient at fulfilling the wishes of our guests at best possible price. Each of us is  fully dedicated to achieve our common aim. 


'Real and deep relaxation can be achieved only in harmony with our environment.'

We use green electricity in our office facilities and avoid any kind of waste at work. We use as much public transport and travels by train as possible. We offer our customer the possibility to travel CO2-neutral and encourage them to use this opportunity. We encourage our hotel partners to promote sustainable tourism and provide benefits for the local communities and the environment.


'Originated as a pioneer, positioned as a specialist, successful as the market leader.'

Fit Reisen, which launched SpaDreams is the originator of the health & wellness travel. We have established ourselves as a specialist and the market leader in high quality health-related travels for all age and lifecycle groups of customers. We maintain this position and keep expanding as well as surprising the market trough innovative solutions in the spa, fitness health and wellness tourism. For all: end customers, travel agencies, hotels and other partners - the specialist for health & wellness travelling is SpaDreams.


Head Management of Fit Reisen and SpaDreams


Claudia Wagner: Managing Director of Fit Reisen and SpaDreams

Claudia Wagner has over 30 years of experience as a managing director at Fit Reisen. Her outstanding knowledge and experience made her a well-known figure in the German tourism industry. Immediately after her successfully completed business studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Worms (Germany), she started her career at Fit Reisen and has effectively supported building the success of Fit Reisen from the beginning. Claudia Wagner fulfills her passion for healthy lifestyle during and outside of her everyday professional practice at seminars, trainings and workshops.



‘With over 35 years of experience and excellent contacts with our partner hotels in Europe and the rest of the World, we are now ready to offer our services beyond the German market. Our strengths are our expertise and motivation to find the appropriate holiday for you.’




Jan Simon Seifried: Managing Director of Fit Reisen and SpaDreams

Jan Simon Seifried joined the board of managing directors of Fit Reisen and SpaDreams in 2009. After obtaining MBA with distinction at the University of Mannheim (Germany), he graduated from the University of Sydney (Australia) with a degree of a Master of Commerce with distinction. In result of his work experience as a consultant with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Mr. Seifried found interest in the tourism industry. He founded Trans Medic GmbH and became a managing director of Fit Reisen. As Fit Reisen is going global Ms. Seifried hopes to share his passion with more guests.



The outstanding price/quality ratio of our offers as well as excellent consulting skills of our employees and personalised service make Fit Reisen and SpaDreams the perfect choice for your dream holiday trip.




Dr. Nils Asmussen: Managing Director of Fit Reisen and SpaDreams

Dr. Nils Asmussen has been one of the three main managing directors of FitReisen and SpaDreams since September 2009. After successfully completed undergraduate business administration studies at the University of Lüneburg (Germany) and the Angelo State University in Texas (USA) he obtained Master in Marketing Management and Technology and the Ph.D. at the University of Lüneburg (Germany). Then he worked for companies such as Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and now he is a Managing Director of FITReisen and the Trans-Medic GmbH. With the launch of SpaDreams and internationalisation of Fit Reisen, Nils Asmussen takes on a new challenge.

‘We are pleased to launch our new website in different language versions to present our range of quality offers outside of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Fit Reisen has achieved more than 30 percent of continued growth, which is well above the market average. The internationalisation and global expansion allows guests from other countries such as Poland, France, Russia, UK, USA, Spain, Italy, China and the Netherlands to benefit from our offer.’



Quality assurance of spa and wellness

For the admission to the programme by Fit Reisen & SpaDreams, hotels have to meet certain requirements. For example quality criteria are:

  • A resort location
  • Use of natural spa and cure (Fango, mud, chalk, hey, sole, thermal water, sea water, algae, aerosols with bracing climate)
  • Philosophy and the importance of the health/wellness thoughts at the hotel
  • Personal approach of the guests
  • Appointments: hotel, wellness, beauty and active areas, the cuisine (regional cuisine, specialties, diet and full fledged foods, vegetarian)
  • Individual and medical care by qualified personal

The criteria are constantly updated and optimized. For inclusion of the hotel in the catalogue of Fit Reisen, the hotel should satisfy as many as possible points of these criteria – some are mandatory, others are target criteria. All hotels that are part of the catalogue of Fit Reisen have taken the described quality requirements into account.

The quality, according to the above mentioned standards of the hotels of Fit Reisen & SpaDreams, is proofed before and continuously after taking them into the offer. The feedback from the customers and the contacts to the representatives of the German and European Spa Association are supporting this as well. Other important points are seals of quality and approval, like best health Austria, Well Vital or other certificates according to DIN, EN ISO and ISO.

Admission criteria to Fit Reisen offer

  • Equipment and furniture as a wellness hotel and possibly the location, e.g. a spa or resort in a charming landscape and the infrastructure
  • Atmosphere, philosophy of the house, the significance of the wellness concept at the hotel, personal approach of our guests, quality of service
  • Health oriented food with diet and full fledged food, vegetarian foods, diet, gluten-free-food, etc.
  • Architectural beautiful and generous wellness/spa sector, which is included in the room rate, wellness programmes and individual care by qualified and motivated personal
  • Provision of robes, towels and slippers in the wellness/spa-area
  • Opened 7 days a week
  • Beauty farm should have sufficient rooms for various body and facial treatments or massages
  • Fitness room with modern cardio and strength equipment under professional guidance
  • Sport/active/leisure program: professional courses such as Pilates, morning and water gymnastics and relaxation courses such as Qi Gong, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation according to Nordic walking, Jacobsen or cycling
  • Discussions and lectures about diet or healthy lifestyle
  • Partnerships with others (see above, e.g. Hotel certification companies such as best health Austria, Well Vital)

Do you want to be a SpaDreams hotel partner? You will find all the important information and contacts here.

Customer management

Through a comprehensive customer management, we achieve a consistently high quality of our offerings and a customer oriented design of our products.  We take your individual wishes and demands into account through:

  • The evaluation of the surveys
  • Meeting the criticised hotel and submitting suggestions
  • Feedback of the staff to improve the FIT product
  • A customer and consumer oriented design of catalogues and websites

Customer service

A comprehensive and friendly customer service is an important task for us. For the individual and unforgettable experience of your vacation, we offer you:

  • A free consultation for customers/guests/travel agents

Availability: Each offer must be available

Flexibility: Each offer will be adjusted as far as possible to the customers wish (travel time, room request, special dietary requirements, etc.)

  • A “new”-hint, to find the first time published offers
  • A permanent adjustment of the products to the market (family-wellness, travelling alone, wellness, tours, experience-wellness)

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