SpaDreams Partnership


XML / API interface

API interface - the way forward for online professionals with IT experience

The API interface requires some programming effort, so works best if you have programming skills yourself or a good programmer to hand.

The advantage of API interface is that you can completely integrate the SpaDreams offers into the design and logic of your website. Hotel descriptions, attributes and photos can be selected by SpaDreams as an XML file. Prices can be requested and displayed over the "FIT JSON Preis-API". Alternatively you can input prices in an INFX format. 

Brief Instructions

Static Content: Descriptive texts ad attributes as well as links to the images will be sent to you from us via FTP as an XML file.

Dynamic content e.g. prices

1. Prices and availability can be requested via "JSON Preis-Request". It will automatically give the "from" price (i.e. the lowest possible price for this offer, however by entering the "date to", "date from" and "duration" you can find the correct prices.

2. "JSON Search-Request" allows you to choose a selection of hotels in particular countries or regions.

3. If you are working with "INFX" you can use this tool to manage the prices.


If you have any questions please contact us - we are happy to help!