Terms & Conditions for Online Partners

By applying for online partnership with SpaDreams you are agreeing not to violate any of the conditions detailed below, as well as to abide by our rules regarding advertisement material. Any breach of this agreement will lead to the immediate termination of your partnership and cancellation of any commissions generated by violation. 


Please note that the following restrictions apply to affiliate partners:

  • No Bonus/Paidmail systems, no paid clicks or forced clicks
  • No illegal, political, discriminating, violent, or pornographic websites.
  • Postview-Tracking: Without written agreement, a cookie may not be activated without a user click. Therefore a Cookie may only be set when a user sees our advertised offer, clicks voluntarily, and knowingly clicks the offer.
  • No websites that consist mostly of banners ("Banner Desert")
  • No websites that advertise adware or spyware
  • The partner is not entitled to commission fees for bookings with SpaDreams which they make themselves on their own link

The partner is also forbidden from:

  • SEM campaigns using the brand SpaDreams and the word "Ayurveda" (this also applies to spelling variations and within keyword phrases)
  • Using the names of our competitors in ad texts or as keywords
  • Invisible integration of advertising materials which set a cookie without permission
  • Copying or imitating the "look and feel" of SpaDreams
  • Carrying out misleading advertising
  • Distributing SpaDreams voucher codes or vouchers without written permission
  • Spamming
  • Cybersquatting or typosquatting i.e. the name SpaDreams as well as any spelling variants, similar sounding or similarly spelt names may not be used in domains or HTML text.
  • Using advertising material and any material it contains (particularly with regards to dynamic XML feeds) for any purpose other than that of the partnership programme. 

Advertising Materials

The online partner is granted the right to use advertising material belonging to SpaDreams. The advertising material may not be substantially altered. Although SpaDreams takes every precaution to ensure that all material is technically and legally correct, SpaDreams does not accept liability for any legal claims made by third parties. The most recently updated version of advertising material should always be used.  

Download Terms & Conditions as a PDF