City breaks in Lisbon

City Breaks in Lisbon

Experience spa and culture on your getaway in Lisbon

Portugal’s capital is more than a modern hub for international tourists: closely connected to its eventful past, Lisbon is a city full of contrasts and surprises. Its narrow, steep streets let you feel the unique flair of the city, starting with the charm of old cable cars, wine cellars and the vast nature reserve Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve. Our 5-star hotels warmly welcome you with relaxing wellness treatments, detox days and exclusive locations. Ready for your Lisbon city break?

SpaDreams offers for your city break to Lisbon

Imagine yourself relaxing with massages, sliding into the warm Jacuzzi or participating in yoga, Pilates or stretching sessions after exploring the bustling city of Lisbon and its treasures in every corner.

Our hotels provide you with first-class service, exclusive full-board meals and time to unwind with your family or during your romantic weekend in Lisbon. Located in idyllic surroundings, your short break to Lisbon will be rewarded with breath-taking views over the Sintra Mountains, over the ocean or the skyline of Lisbon.

A city break to Lisbon wouldn't be the same without indulging in the traditional Portuguese cuisine. In Lisbon you will experience a magical combination of flavours, smells, and the famous Port wine. Portuguese food is not only meditarranean cuisine, but a mix of different cuisines including african, asian, Brazilian, and atlantic. 

Enjoy the famous trio bread, wine, and olive oil in of the lively bars in Lisbon and learn more about the great variety of the Portuguese cuisine.

Explore Lisbon's surroundings and enjoy a stay in one of our beautiful spa hotels in Sintra. Sintra is a charming Portuguese town close to Lisbon and in the midst of the hills of Serra de Sintra. Within the pine-covered hills lies a variety of magical, historic buildings such as one of Europe's finest palace, the Palácio Nacional da Pena, villas and the ruins of a Moors castle. 

Captivating views and nature will surely make your stay unforgettable. 


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Our exclusive hotels in Lisbon

Dive into the beautiful world of Lisbon and spoil yourself with luxurious, family-friendly hotels while enjoying premium wellness and detox treatments or while energising with weight management sessions. No matter if you’re visiting Lisbon for a short romantic weekend or longer getaway, our 5-star hotels deliver premium service and make you feel just at home.

If you’re planning a weekend break to Lisbon with your family, you’ve come to the right place. Our hotels provide amazing family-friendly facilities and will welcome you and your family warmly. Simply contact our team of experts who will arrange everything for you. Let’s dive into our most popular hotels for wellness, yoga and detox holidays in Lisbon.

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Get to know Lisbon

Next to being one of the most charismatic and vibrant metropolises in Europe, Lisbon as well enjoys a good reputation when it comes to tasty pastries, stunning views over rivers and has a bustling city life. During your city break to Lisbon, you will encounter the steep inclines as the city is a hilly place. Though, your little work-out will be rewarded with spectacular views over the city. Other possibilities to explore the city are the vertical street lift, built in the 19th century to connect the lower streets of Baixa with the higher part of the city, Carmo Square. The best part about it: You can use your regular city transportation ticket as the ride is part of the city’s metro system.

If you want to continue the historic way of exploring Lisbon, we highly recommend hopping on one of the city’s iconic cable-cars, also known as trams. It will bring you to some of the best tourist attractions such as the Moorish São Jorge Castle, which is located at the top of a hill.

5 Reasons to Book Your SpaDreams City Break in Lisbon

  • A city with culture, glamour and exquisite gastronomy
  • Luxurious and family-friendly hotels
  • Innovative health and wellness concepts
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site near our hotel
  • Idyllic hotel locations with wonderful views
City breaks in Lisbon
City breaks in Lisbon
City breaks in Lisbon

Tips from the locals

What better way to explore Lisbon than with tips from the locals? Below we gathered some highlights you shouldn’t miss out on during your getaway to Lisbon.

  1. For beautiful views and a memory for life, they recommend heading to the Miraduoro de Santa Luzia (Alfama).
  2. Are you a coffee lover? Then you’ve come to the right place: an unmissable stop during your short break to Lisbon is Pois Café. The cosy sofas blend in nicely with the café’s impressive high ceilings. Enjoy the café´s homely atmosphere with some freshly brewed coffee served by exceptional service staff and soft music – perfect to relax in between your sight-seeing tour. If you have a sweet tooth, Pois Café serves delicious, light Portuguese snacks as well.
  3. Do you want to see Lisbon through the eyes of the locals? Now is your chance to enjoy a journey back in time. Take the Eléctrico 28 (tram 28) and discover the narrow streets of the city and its historic neighbourhoods. Starting from Martim Moniz square in the Baixa, you will cross the city from east to west along Lisbon’s most famous sights. Especially beautiful are the street Rua das Escolas Gerais and the square Largo das Portas do Sol, where you will be rewarded with a stunning view over the river, the hill and the Castelo de São Jorge.
  4. Portugal is well known for its vineyards and hundreds of wines. Dive into a special part of the Portuguese culture and participate in a unique tasting concept at Viniportugal. A must-visit during your city break to Lisbon.
  5. Welcome to Lisbon’s back yard: Laying on the city’s doorstep, you will be surprised to find the largest wetlands in Portugal: The Reserva Natural do Estuário do Tejo and Mar da Palha. Here, you can feel the power of fauna and flora as various migratory birds rest here. Thousands of flamingos make their way to the wetlands during autumn. It’s a lovely place for nature walks and some quite-time next to the vibrant city life.

Lisbon's gastronomy

Cod fish and grilled sardines are what comes to the mind of most people when thinking about the Portuguese cuisine. As a coastal city, you can expect fresh caught fish and seafood in every restaurant on your short break to Lisbon. A popular comfort food in Lisbon is bacalhau à bras, a dried and salted codfish. Traditionally, pan-fried with grated potatoes and warm scrambled eggs and topped with fresh Portuguese olives and parsley, this dish is a true culinary treat you shouldn’t miss on your city break to Lisbon.

City breaks in Lisbon
Lisbon City breaks

Approximately 40km (24 miles) east of Lisbon, a town called Azeitão is home to the famous Azeitão cheese. A specialty so renowned that it can only be produced in this town and therefore has Protected Designation of Origin status. Surprise your loved-one during your romantic weekend in Lisbon with a visit to this special place and try this rich-smelling, creamy cheese together with a glass of wine.

Craving for a sweet treat? For dessert or simply as a snack in between exploring the beautiful city centre of Lisbon, you cannot miss the Pastéis de nata. Made from golden puff pastry, this delicious egg custard tart is sold at bakeries throughout the whole country. When on your city break in Lisbon, you’re lucky as its origin can be traced back to the Pastéis de Belém bakery in Lisbon.

Lisbon city breaks
City breaks Lisbon







Lisbon’s neighbourhood treasures

When visiting Lisbon for your city break, you will encounter beautiful streets, cosy cafés and many cultural treasures all around you. Modernity blends with the city’s history and each street reveals a secret. Next to your relaxing treatments in one of our hotels, we want you to make the most of your city break to Lisbon and enjoy a stroll through Lisbon’s cosy neighbourhoods:

Baixa and Rossio

Welcome to Lisbon’s real downtown area. Between Baxia and Rosso you can find the most tourist friendly districts. If you are looking for shopping and dining opportunities, you have come to the right place. Smell the flower scents from the flower shops, visit traditional coffeeshops or explore the history of Lisbon’s monumental train station Rossio Station, rather reminding of a theatre or an adorned palace with horseshoe arched entryways. Today, it’s the local train station for trains to Sintra.







city breaks lisbon
Rossio train station
lisbon city trips
Colourful alleys in Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto

If you want to experience Lisbon’s vibrant life on your weekend break, Bairro Alto (Upper District) is the place to be. With its hilly and steep streets, it truly lives up to its name. Dive into the district’s bohemian flair and discover the century-old houses decorated with vivid street art. During the weekends, cosy cafés, traditional restaurants and hip bars are filled with laughter, good food and sounds of Fado music – the perfect place to be during your weekend break in Lisbon.


Alfama – known as the most charming and oldest districts in Lisbon. Get lost in a labyrinth of narrow, medieval alleys hiding authentic Lisbon and eat at traditional restaurants serving incredible sea food. If you know your way out of the maze, you might as well discover some of the most beautiful landmarks in other parts of Lisbon such as the majestic Castelo de São Jorge or the lookout point at Portas do Sol.

city breaks in lisbon
Alley maze in Alfama
city breaks lisbon
Fairytale town Sintra


Only a 30-minute drive on the foothills of Portugal’s Sintra Mountains, lays the resort town Sintra, also known as Portugal’s couple’s paradise. If you’re planning a romantic weekend break with your loved one, our hotels in Sintra are the perfect place to stay and explore the beautiful surroundings of the fairytale town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its palaces and enchanting, mysterious sights add to its reputation as the town of Romanticism. In our hotels in Sintra, you can unwind during relaxing wellness treatments and enjoy breath taking views over the Sintra Mountains while practicing Pilates or having a delicious detox meal.

Discover Lisbon

FAQ Lisbon - Travel and saving tips

How do I reach my hotel in Lisbon?

Most of our hotels in Lisbon and Sintra offer transfer services from/to the airport. As you can reach everything on foot or using the tram and metro transportation services during your city break in Lisbon, we recommend to make use of a rental car only if your hotel doesn’t offer transfer or if you’re planning a day trip to Sintra/Lisbon or other little towns.

What is the best time of the year to visit Lisbon?

Regardless of visiting Lisbon for a winter city break or summer city break, we guarantee you will spend a glorious time with pleasant climate all year round. During the winter months (November – end of February), we recommend bringing warmer clothes. Even though temperatures during your city break to Lisbon will still be pleasant, it can get a little bit chillier and windier with an average temperature of 15°C during the day and 4-7°C during the nights.

Spring and autumn are the perfect time for your weekend city break to Lisbon. It is mostly quieter in regards to tourists but temperatures during April and the end of October can rise up to pleasant 20-27°C. Though, be prepared as it can get wet during these months. Enjoy the lively and enjoyable atmosphere within districts of Baixa or Alfama.

If you’re planning to combine your time exploring the city and neighbourhoods with beach time and swimming in the ocean, we recommend booking your short break to Lisbon during the summer months (June-August, up to 30°C). You will experience the charm of the neighbourhood streets and feel the warm evening breeze while winding down in vibrant bars or your hotel pool. Be aware, the prices of accommodation, flights and treatments are increasing. Our tip: book well in advance to avoid unnecessary costs.

How do I get around in Lisbon?

Once in Lisbon, you can easily visit the city by foot. This gives you the opportunity to discover romantic alleys and take your time exploring the historic places during your city break in Lisbon. Tired feet can take advantage of the convenient public transport system including trams, buses and metros. They bring you to all tourist attractions. To give your getaway to Lisbon extra special, hop on one of the trams or funicular and explore the city from a different perspective.

What should I pack for my getaway to Lisbon?

Your packing list depends on the season you plan your city break to Lisbon: As temperatures are pleasant all year round, we only recommend bringing warmer clothes for chilly evenings and nights during the winter months (November – end of February) and a rain jacket during spring as it can get wet. As our hotels provide outdoor pools, you should definitely a swimsuit to enjoy the stunning views over the Sintra mountains or Lisbon’s skyline. 

Keeping in mind the hilly streets of Lisbon and your tired feet while exploring the city and its neighbourhoods, we recommend bringing comfortable shoes.

How can I can save money on my Lisbon city break?

Are you looking for a unique experience during your short or long weekend trip to Lisbon? Are you travelling on a budget? Contact our experts, they are happy to plan your exclusive budget city break to Lisbon together with you.

Book the spa package option if you want to enjoy multiple treatments in one of our hotels. Why? This is the most cost-effective option for you and your budget.

Another valuable tip is booking well ahead of your getaway to Lisbon. This way, you will benefit from our “Early Bird Specials”. To fully unwind and enjoy Lisbon’s surroundings, escape the tourist streams and plan your city break to Lisbon during the off-peak season (roughly between November-March). Another benefit when travelling during the off-peak season: You can save money on your dream hotel and treatments as hotels lower prices during these times.

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