Hotels in Soma Bay

Holiday Paradise on the Red Sea: Soma Bay

Between picturesque desert landscapes and the mysterious expanses of the Red Sea lies the beautifully decorated holiday resort of Soma Bay. The Egyptian peninsula is a popular holiday destination the whole year round, as the surrounding desert shapes the holiday oasis with a pleasant average temperature of between 25-29°C.

Close to the sea, Soma Bay offers a wide variety of free time activities- some of the most popular water sports include kite surfing, sailing, diving and snorkeling. Only 500 metres south east of the relaxation spot, the reef of Ras Abu Soma is a kilometer long, spectacular underwater world and in the South, offers coral islands for unforgettable dives. Yet the always dry and mild climate of the sunny island offers just as magnificent conditions for sport out of the water. Amongst the green landscape, which is a stark contrast to the turquoise blue sea and panoramic desert views, there is both a 9 and 18 hole golf course, as well as incredible views of the Red Sea and the mountains that lay behind whilst on a walk along the kilometre long beach.

Discover- from Soma Bay to Ancient Egypt

For cultural highlights, guests can travel for the day to Luxor, just 240 km away. In the Valley of the Kings and the temple that can be found there, there are pharaohs’ monuments which offer a view into Egypt’s past. Old cloisters and an old stone quarry, which lies North of Soma Bay, are also worth a visit.

Healing through Sea Water with Thalassotherapy in Soma Bay

Aside from a variety of Spa luxuries, Soma Bay, with its wellness programme, also has one of the best Thalassotherapy centres in the Mediterranean Sea. Here, traditional treatments meet new technologies and therapies. In a 750qm Thalasso Tonic Hydrotherapy pool, guests can regenerate their body in seawater filled areas. Tailored to the individual body parts, jet streams create a unique rejuvenation experience. Originally, Thalassotherapy was used to fight chronic respiratory problems, rheumatism and skin diseases. Amongst all this, wellness enthusiasts can also benefit from the variety of therapies on offer, which use the help of sea water, algae, mud, sun and fresh sea air, to heal.