Special Travel Themes

Special Travel Themes

Book a holiday planned just for you!

Plan Your Ideal Holiday with our Special Travel Themes

With a holiday from SpaDreams, there is something for everyone. We set up each holiday specifically to meet the needs of each client.  There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all holiday.  We aim to tailor each holiday offer to the taste preferences, physical abilities, family needs, and leisure preferences of our clients.  Some may call these kinds of specially designed holidays bespoke, we simply call them fun!

The SpaDreams booking process always begins with the client's goals in mind.  What do you want to achieve on your holiday? For some it may be to detox and return home healthier than ever.  For others, the only goal is to enjoy some romantic time with their significant other.  Whatever your special travel need, we’ll do everything we can to create a handmade holiday just for you.

Family Friendly and Adults Only

Are you looking for a place where the kids can run free and truly be a kid?  Or perhaps you’re looking for the exact opposite, a chance to take a break from the pitter-patter of little feet.  A chance to enjoy some romantic time alone in an Adults Only Holiday atmosphere. 

If the kids will be in tow, then be sure to book one of our family friendly resorts.  Many of which offer children’s activity centres, children’s meals, and even better child discounts! If the kids are staying home or there are no kids to speak of, then indulge is some adults only relaxation in the spa or by the pool.

Finally, let’s not forget the pets!  With a SpaDreams pet friendly resort there is no need to leave our four legged loved ones behind.  Bring your pet with you for even more amazing family holiday memories.

Barrier Free and Handicap Accessible

When simply getting around takes extra effort every day, it can sometimes feel stressful just to consider visiting a new, unknown place.  Will there be a lift?  Will there be a ramp? With a SpaDreams Accessible Holiday you can rest assured that the stay you are booking is made just for you.  Take the lift directly from your room to the spa and enjoy some well-deserved spa beauty pampering.

Travelling Solo

Is it time to get away from everything related to the daily grind?  Then pack your bags and jet off for an amazing holiday perfect for the solo traveller!  Our SpaDreams Solo Holidays are selected based on a combination of accommodations, spa and resort programming, safety and security, and leisure activities.

There is nothing to fear with a SpaDreams solo holiday.  Worried about boredom? No need, book a premium programme and your schedule will be full before you arrive.  Worried about Loneliness? With our Solo friendly trips, there are plenty of other solo travellers to chat with.   Still not sure?  Then book one of our group programmes programmes and you’ll be placed as part of a group retreat.  There are group yoga retreats as well as group detox & diet retreats to choose from!

Special Meals

Select your perfect holiday and know right away there will be meals for you!  Planning a holiday as a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or even diabetic friendly can be a lot of effort.  But sit back and relax and let your meals be prepared for you, just the way you need.  Being a vegan on holiday shouldn’t mean going without.  If are on or looking to start a food combining diet, we’ve got resorts that will be perfect for you.


Let’s face it, for you there is no such thing as a holiday without your favourite activity. It may even be that your main motivation to travel is to focus on your golf-swing, with a relaxing golf break. Or perhaps you’ve got your mind set on a trip to Kerala for a deep yoga & mediation retreat. Ready to lace up your hiking boots?  Break out the trekking poles and get ready for an idyllic Nordic Trekking Holiday. Even gym rats will be satisfied when the book a resort with a gym on-site.

If you havn’t seen your special request on our list yet, don’t fret!  SpaDreams is here to help.  Contact our knowledgeable customer service team today and begin planning your tailor made holiday today.  

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