By applying to an affiliate program or as an online affiliate of Fit Reisen/SpaDreams, you agree not to violate the below restrictions, to comply with the obligations to omit the contract and to comply with our regulations on advertising materials. Any breach of your agreement will result in immediate termination and cancellation due to breach of commissions.


Please note that the following restrictions apply to affiliate and online affiliates:

  • No bonus and Paid Mail systems, no Paid Clicks or Forced Clicks
  • No unlawful, discriminatory, violence-promoting, political or pornographic sites
  • Post view tracking: No cookie may be made without the user's consent. A cookie may only be set if the user has seen one of our advertised advertisements AND clicked on them voluntarily and consciously.
  • No websites that consist mostly of banners ("Banner Desert")No websites promoting adware or spyware
  • In the case of bookings via his/her own link at Fit Reisen/SpaDreams, the partner is not entitled to a commission fee.

Commission Obligations

In addition, the partner beholds themselves with his/her application to omit the following points:

  • No SEM on Brand (Fit Reisen or SpaDreams) and the word "Ayurveda" (also not in other spellings or supplemented by other keywords)
  • Use of our competitors' names in ad texts or as keywords
  • Invisible inclusion of advertisements that place a cookie without the user's involvement
  • To mimic the "look & feel" of Fit Reisen or SpaDreams or to lean against it.
  • Misleading advertising
  • Fit Reisen or SpaDreams coupon codes or vouchers to apply without written permission
  • To spam
  • Cybersquatting or Typosquatting. That neither the name Fit Reisen nor SpaDreams nor similar sounding or written names may be used in the HTML header or in the domain.
  • Use advertisements and any information containing in particular dynamic XML feeds in any way outside the affiliate program
  • The affiliate is only permitted to use the advertising materials and the trademarks, logos and other elements within the framework of the affiliate program and exclusively within the framework of the applicable conditions as stipulated here.
  • The Partner may use information on Fit Reisen/SpaDreams products only in conjunction with the representation of the respective FitReisen/SpaDreams Travel Service and in no case insulated or otherwise in a manner which establishes a link between the respective information (e.g. description,images) and an offer or a performance of the partner or a third party.
  • The Affiliate indemnifies Fit Reisen and its affiliates from all claims of third parties that should be collected in connection with a website of the Partner or its content. This also includes the costs of adequate law enforcement and legal defense. This regulation applies indefinitely beyond the term of the agreement.

Advertising Materials

The online partner or affiliate of Fit Reisen/SpaDreams has the right to use the advertising material of Fit Reisen/SpaDreams. However, the advertising material may not be changed significantly. Although Fit Reisen/SpaDreams endeavors to clarify any technical or legal uncertainties, Fit Reisen/SpaDreams cannot accept liability for legal claims by third parties. The latest version of the advertising material should always be used.