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Thalassic Therapy in Europe

An oceanic rejuvenation experience

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Discover the healing power of the sea

Harness the immense healing power of the sea! Drawing from the mineral rich seas surrounding the continent, thalassic therapy in Europe promises  a refreshing, rejuvenating and relaxing  spa experience. Treatments vary from country to country, but in general thalassic therapy in Europe can be split into three types of therapy: hydrotherapy, algotherapy and physiotherapy.

 Hydrotherapy utilises the healing effects provided by sea water heated to  37° in the form of treatments such as spa baths, seaweed baths, hydromassages, affusion showers, jet showers, underwater showers and jets , and hand and food treatments. This type of thalassic therapy is great for improving circulation and fighting cellulite. Algotherapy draws off the natural minerals present in seaweed and marine mud to create wraps and baths that are used to alleviate the effects of rheumatism and for fighting stress. Physiotherapy in the context of thalassic therapy in Europe combines conventional physiotherapy treatments with the healing effects of sea water to create a complete and comprehensive programme.

Our favourite destinations for thalassic therapy in Europe include Slovenia, Estonia, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and France, each with its own unique flair and different set of treatments. Call our expert customer service team today to find out more about thalassic therapy in Europe.