With SpaDreams we make a difference at Christmas

The autumn is now coming to an end and the cosy Christmas season begins. In this time of consideration we at SpaDreams also think of the people who cannot indulge in a Christmas expectation.

Much of that with us is self-evident and is seen as wasteful where it can be used as a luxury elsewhere, water being the prime example as thousands die from consuming contaminated water. More than 780 million people worldwide have no access to clean drinking water and sanitation. We are committed, to change this situation and improve the quality of life for the local people.

The colourful India, the cradle of Ayurveda is just us as an Ayurveda expert particularly close to the heart. Therefore we have something special in store: With your help, we want to make a difference to this beautiful country: With each reservation for an India resort made in December, sustainable and life-long water supply can be supplied, with each booking made, we can give such a person a better chance of life.

Under the motto "clean water", with the campaign supported by our medical and hygiene measures (water, sanitation, hygiene) to support people in the villages.

We believe in the use of the organisation Viva Con Agua and would like to help and contribute to this and play our part in improving the health and lives of people around the world! Can you also help?

Discover the beauty within India!