Weight Loss by the Adriatic Coast

Weight Loss by the Adriatic Coast

Natural weight loss remedies in the sun

Regional Spa Treatments for Weight Loss

If you're searching for a weight loss holiday in the sun that won’t ruin your budget, head to the Adriatic Coast. Long sandy beaches, azure waters and dramatic cliffs characterise the Adriatic Coast and encourage guests to get outside and be active! 

Our spa resorts in Croatia and Slovenia offer different kinds of weight loss cures inspired by the locally derived natural weight loss boosters, such as mineral rich thermal waters and thalasso products, like nourishing sea salt and detoxifying sea weed. Mineral waters such as the famous Radenska Three Hearts Water provide the body with essential nutrients and help fight cravings for snacks. Thanks to the unique properties of the mineral waters in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, these weight loss treatments reduce appetite in a natural way and, unlike many strict diets, will supply your body with important nutrients

The Adriatic Coast is also an ideal destination for thalassotherapy, an excellent natural weight loss aid. Thalasso treatments have intensive detoxifying, firming and sculpting effects, and results can be seen very quickly. For the best weight loss effects, a healthy diet should be combined with spa treatments that keep the skin tight while losing weight.

For cheap weight loss holidays, which combine healthy eating programmes with regional spa treatments visit the Adriatic Coast! Contact our expert customer service team for more information!

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