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We’ve all been there: while getting dressed in the morning, you realize that your pants feel a little tighter. We would love to blame it on the little elves that sew our clothes tighter while we sleep. But that nagging voice of reason tells us it’s most likely the secret slab of chocolate or extra slices of pizza that have finally landed on our hips. Falling prey to vices and bad habits is only human, but sometimes we need a little help or motivation to get back on track.

In over 40 years of experience, we carefully cureated a large selection of weight loss programmes worldwide for you. Enjoy your journey to a healthier and fitter life.

SpaDreams Offers for Weight Loss Holidays

How to Lose Weight on Holiday

Who said that weight loss, diet and exercise has to feel like work or be dull? It often also feels more tedious when you’re in it alone or while munching carrots and watching others enjoy their chocolate cake. A weight loss holiday is a great way to losing weight in a fun and positive environment! The following slimming programs are filled with delicious meals, exciting activities, as well as experts and like-minded individuals to support you in your weight loss journey.

Fasting Weight Loss Diet

Fasting is often an alluring weight loss method, as it gives the impression that if you don’t eat, you will lose weight quickly. This is a misconception, as often times the weight loss that occurs in the first week of fasting is loss of water weight and not the depletion of fat deposits. However, that does not mean that fasting isn’t a great tool for weight loss! This method can be used to restart your system and introduce healthier habits into your routine. While fasting, you will not be consuming any empty calories or harmful foods. You will kick start your body’s natural metabolism, relieve the digestive system, and ween off the unhealthy addictions to sugar and caffeine. As the fasts are also accompanied by doctors or nutritionists, you will also be able to gain valuable insights into the main factors contributing to your weight gain. You will return home with replenished vitality and the ambition to continue to build on the healthy habits you have fostered.

There are many different types of fasting methods to choose from, ranging from the well-known juice fast to the lesser known alkaline diet. Find out more about the fasts available at SpaDreams on our fasting therapy page!

Plant-Based Diets

Many people are also turning to nutrient-rich plant-based diets to lose weight, as a lot of weight we gain can be attributed to highly processed convenience foods. By returning to a whole food diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, you begin to eliminate the processed sugars, fats and additives while also cutting calories. A vegetarian or vegan holiday is a great way to also see if you would like make a permanent switch as well as show you that losing weight on a plant-based diet does not have to be boring or bland! Get inspired at one of our hotels that offer vegetarian and vegan options!

Slimming Programmes

On the other hand, slimming programmes are designed for weight loss and helping you reshape your body. They allow you to start your weight loss journey through healthy weight loss diets, light exercise, and some specially selected treatments. Weight loss does not mean you have to be uncomfortable!

Do you think weight loss with a diet is right for you? Here you will find an overview of our weight loss with diet programmes.


Weight loss with diet Slimming Programmes

Weight Loss Journey Focusing on Exercise

The other essential element to weight loss is exercise. Often times it’s difficult to find something you enjoy or possibly just finding the motivation to do it alone at home, particularly if you are new to the routine. A weight loss package often includes a variety of physical activities and exercise, allowing you to try everything and find what suits you best. You can find anything from yoga or Pilates, guided walks or hikes, all the way to hardcore bootcamps.

For those who do need a kick in the backside to get themselves back into shape, bootcamp programs as well as strict exercise regimens are sure to get you moving. Here you will have diets and lots of exercise to either get you into shape or keep you there. With the help of personal trainers, you can find the exact workout you need to tackle your problem zones. Often times there are some great treatments to help you get through the sore muscles and give yourself a well-deserved reward.

The courses can be adapted to all fitness and experience levels, meaning you do not have to fear that you will not be able to keep up and can, without hesitation, try something new.

Of course, you can also choose for weight loss with a personal trainer for the ultimate personalized experience. The trainer will help you find your ideal workout routine and create a personal weight loss plan.

Find your ideal package in our extensive overview of weight loss with exercise holidays. We’re sure we can help you find the right holiday for you!

Well-Rounded Weight Loss Packages with Treatments

Weight loss holidays don’t have to just be about diet and exercise, but can also be about going back home reenergised and feeling good about yourself! Many weight loss packages include treatments to help those sore muscles, increase your metabolism, or just give you a little treat for your efforts and accomplishments.

Many have turn to weight loss with exotic Ayurveda therapy as a highly individualised, holistic healing programme. Not only is the vegetarian Ayurvedic diet and yoga good for losing weight, but also the treatments. Your weight loss package will include treatments specific to your dosha and problem areas, helping rebalance your body, mind and soul. The Ayurveda doctors and therapists will look at your body and lifestyle as a whole, to help you change your eating habits with healthy Ayurvedic cuisine. They will also work with you to address any underlying health or emotional issues that may be the root of your problem using authentic treatments as well as yoga and meditation. In treating the source of the weight gain, you work towards achieving long-term results.

Fango Weight Loss Fango Weight Loss

A weight loss journey with fango, also known as mud therapy, is a favorite of many. It stems from Italy in areas with natural, mineral rich muds. When using the mud for wraps and treatments, you activate your metabolism and encourage the natural detox processes of your body. The mud and body wraps of fango help stimulate your metabolism, not to mention it’s great for the skin!

The mud treatments help you to burn more calories and help your body eliminate toxins. Coupled together with a low calorie and healthy diet, there is hardly a more relaxing and rejuvenating way to shed those excess pounds.

Thalassotherapy Weight Loss Thalassotherapy Weight Loss

Thalassotherapy slimming, such as those in Spain, harness the regenerative properties of the sea. These slimming programmes typically include treatments such as algae wraps and firming massages, using minerals and natural ingredients to increase your well-being, help your body detox, and let your body recover from the gym sessions.

Not only are the treatments great, but most programmes and hotels have water aerobics or fitness courses, which are great for relieving the joints while adding resistance for a more grueling workout!

Spoilt for Choice – Where to Stay on a Weight Loss Holiday

Usually you know what kind of weight loss holiday you would like or what you want your focus to be, but when it comes to choosing a destination, the choice becomes a little difficult. Do you want a weight loss spa, hotel or clinic? And where are the best weight loss centers?

Weight loss programmes in spa, hotel, and clinics

Essentially a weight loss spa and a weight loss hotel are the same. Both offer great meals, exercise programmes, and relaxing treatments. The slimming programmes and menus are designed by experts and professionals who know that the ultimate goal is to help you shed some pounds and help you feel lighter and fitter. Some spas and hotels have experts on site, such as nutritionists, diet specialists or personal trainers, who can offer consultations give you individualised advice.

A weight loss clinic, on the other hand, will have medical staff on site and constant medical supervision. You will be able to consult with doctors and they will be better equipped to handle complex cases or guests who fall into risk groups. A weight loss clinic would be a great choice for weight loss therapy and adjusting your diet with conditions such as diabetes, as the trained medical staff will be able to help monitor both your weight loss progress and your medical condition.







The Most Popular Weight Loss Destinations

As diet and weight loss are not dependent on factors such as weather or climate, there is no better or worse destination, and seasonality only plays a minor role, really only affecting the type of physical activities you can undertake. However, there are some destinations that are very popular as weight loss and diet destinations, often depending on what you would like to focus.


If you would like to choose a diet or fasting approach, Germany is a great choice. They have many hotels and clinics that offer almost every kind of diet, often times with decades of experience in their particular dietary method. The German countryside is also great for biking and hiking tours, and the great public transportation connections will make sure that you get to your destination for a fair price.


Spain is a much-loved destination for the sun and the beach, which are also great additions to any weight loss holiday! Even in the winter months, many parts of Spain see more hours of sunshine that parts of the UK or US. Although temperatures may sometimes get a bit chillier in the winter months, bright sun and vibrant Spanish culture are sure to keep you cheerful while working off those pounds. Spain also has a great coastline, allowing for certified thalassotherapy, not available in all parts of the world!

India and Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a more holistic and spiritual weight loss retreat, India and Sri Lanka offer authentic Ayurvedic programmes that can be tailored to your specific dosha requirements. India is the birth place of this ancient healing tradition as well yoga, an integral part of every Ayurveda holiday. The vivid history and the country’s age-old ties to Ayurveda ensure an authentic experience. Ayurveda and yoga are equally entangled in the culture of Sri Lanka, and it part of local daily life. The small size of this exotic island that you can combine your weight loss holiday with a roundtrip or day tours, allowing you to see and experience many parts of this lush island and warm culture.


Find your favourite weight loss holiday

Please use the search tool below to see all our offers for weight loss holidays. Here you have instant access to a wide range of weight loss hotels and clinics worldwide. We have already chosen the indication for you, you can also select your desired destination and the exact dates you want to go on your weight loss holiday.




Don’t Forget to Pack Your Motivation

This is the part we all tend to have trouble with, holding onto that motivation to reach our goal. Everyone has a unique reason, from getting their health back on track to simply wanting to make sure they’re bikini-ready. Whatever your reason may be, remember to let the experts at the weight loss spas know, so that they can help remind you of your goals and keep you motivated.

  • A very popular request a holiday for losing weight after pregnancy. Not only do you want to feel good in your own skin, but you also want to make sure that your health is in perfect condition to be there for your newborn. Giving yourself a well-deserved break to take care of yourself will help you find the vitality and energy to take care of your family. Check out our page on weight loss for moms!
  • Of course it never hurts to bring your personal cheerleader with you! Why not embark on this weight loss journey together with a friend or relative? You’ll not only be able to motivate each other on your holiday, you’ll also be able to share this unique experience and continue to motivate each other with what you’ve learned once you’re back home. Find out about losing weight with friends.

Weight Loss Holiday Booking Tips

Nobody wants to break the bank when going on a weight loss holiday. The SpaDreams Team have listed some of their favorite insider tips on how to get the most for your money!

  1. Book with a friend! If you book a double room for single use, many hotels ask for a use surcharge. So not only will you have somebody with you to keep you motivated, sharing a room with a bestie saves a lot of money. When booking, don’t forget to ask for twin beds.
  2. Book a package. If you’re looking to book fitness classes or treatments, packages are a great way to save some money. If you purchase everything on site, you’re likely to end up paying much more. Plus, almost all weight loss holiday packages include all of your special diet meals
  3. Pick a focus. If you try to book everything in one holiday, the package price adds up quickly. Figure out if you would like to try a specific diet, improve your fitness level, or simply try some weight loss treatments.
  4. Sometimes staying close to home is cheaper. Often time’s hotels overseas are cheaper, but the flight to get there is very expensive, particularly for short trips. There are many great weight loss holidays in Europe that can be reached with budget airlines. Even though your hotel and package may be more expensive, the overall cost of your holiday is a lot less!



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Ideal Length for Weight Loss Holidays

The perfect length will depend largely on what you want to achieve and where you would like to go. As a rule of thumb, we suggest the following:

  • 1 week: Break a bad habit or try a new diet or exercise. We’ve all been there: a cheat day turns into a cheat weekend, and before you know what has happened, it is now a cheat week. It’s hard to get back on track, no matter how committed you were before. A one week break is a great way to get back into an exercise routine or have some delicious food without the guilt! This is also great for trips closer to home.
  • 2 weeks: Hitting the reset button and kicking off a new health habit. If you’ve reached the point where you realise that something has got to change, a 2 week weight loss holiday could be just the thing. This allows you to cement those new habits and gives you plenty of opportunities to consult with the experts to really personalise your weight loss plan according to your needs. If you intend on going far away, for example to India or Sri Lanka, a shorter holiday is usually not worth the time it takes to fly there.
  • 3+ weeks: A total lifestyle makeover. Especially if you’re embarking on a weight loss journey for the first time and you know that you will need a complete lifestyle overhaul, you could benefit from a very long weight loss holiday. Many programmes that are designed for 21 nights or longer try to touch every aspect of your life, to make sure that you have a better understanding of what you need to do. Whether it’s to stop that emotional binge-eating or getting into a fitness regime, you will be well equipped take back control of your life!

Are you still not sure which weight loss holiday right for you or how long you should go? Contact one of our travel experts for personal advice to start your weight loss journey!

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FAQ: Weight Loss

Is it possible to lose 5 pounds in a week?

Yes it’s possible! The important thing is to do so with a healthy weight loss plan, consisting of a nutritious diet and plenty of exercise. It is best to do that together with a medical expert or weight loss specialist to ensure that you achieve lasting results.

How much weight can I lose on a weight loss holiday?

That completely depends on your commitment, your starting point, and the type of weight loss package you will follow. Many people achieve as much as 5-10 pounds within a week together with special supervision and a personalized weight loss plan. However, all experts agree, it is not about the results you achieve in a week, but about laying the foundation for lifestyle changes and permanent, long-term results!

Is it possible to do a weight loss holiday with a pre-existing condition?

Many of our weight loss packages include medical staff and expert advice that is tailored to the individual. They are also accustomed to helping guests with pre-existing conditions, e.g. diabetes. Diets and exercise programs can be adjusted to make sure they cater to your health requirements. Be sure to check with your physician to make sure the weight loss package you chose is right for you and let them advise you on what you would require to have a healthy weight loss holiday! Let our travel experts know ahead of time so that arrangements can be made with the weight loss spa.

How much weight should I lose?

This depends entirely on your situation. Often a good starting indication to determine your ideal weight, would be to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). To have a more accurate suggestion for your ideal weight that takes other factors into account, an expert will be able to tell you how much weight you should lose and help you make a weight loss plan to get you to a healthy weight.

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