Where to go in June

Where to go in June?

Our ideal SpaDreams destinations in June

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Where to go in June?

The month of June brings brightness, joy and lots of festivities. We can wear our best summer clothes without having to worry about the morning fog or chilly night air. We can finally enjoy long summer evenings as the sun blesses us with a few more hours of its golden rays.

Of course, the temperatures of June make it one of the most flexible months for travel!

So why not go on holiday? Discover the landscapes of Greece, Italy and Spain before the school holidays break out and kids invade the resorts. Get your tan before everyone else and enjoy the almost deserted beaches. Many destinations are waiting to be discovered, especially during the month of June, when they are even more beautiful than ever!

At SpaDreams, we recommend a spa hotel in the Czech Republic. It will bring you health, rest, well-being and above all else… joy! Looking for a particular region? What about Western Bohemia? Known for its beautiful nature and green trails, enjoy a breath of fresh air between massages and Jacuzzi sessions. The hotels of Western Bohemia generally have an imperial style, which will ensure a total change of scenery compared to the rest of the Czech territory. With an impressive range of hotels dotted across the Czech Republic, SpaDreams can help you find your perfect break!

The beautiful landscapes of Slovenia provides you with the ideal setting for medical wellness. The luscious green surroundings of our spa and health hotels in Slovenia encourage you to connect with nature and give you a surge of new energy and vitality. Let us help you find the perfect hotel that matches all your needs for a health spa in Slovenia. June is also the perfect time to experience Thalassotherapy in Slovenia and discover just how effective mineral-rich water can have on a range of conditions from skin diseases to muscle problems. Slovenia is one of the best options for well-priced Ayurveda retreats in Europe while still receiving treatments from experienced Indian specialists.

Another idea for June is the thermal baths of Cuntis in Galicia, where you can enjoy the Spanish weather before it gets unbearable. Even the Ancient Romans knew about the healing power of sodium and Sulphur rich thermal spa water of Cuntis. Other than the obvious whole body relaxation you will experience from the roman thermal baths, they can also relive joint pain and help skin problems. As you can see, when it comes to travelling in June, you are spoiled for choice!

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