yoga retreat India

Yoga Retreat India

Experience yoga in its homeland

Authentic yoga retreats in India

Dating back to 800BC, the art of yoga originated in India and has spread to the western world. Our yoga retreats in India promise an authentic yoga experience in its country of origin.

Whether you're an experienced yogi or a yoga beginner, our yoga retreats in India will have something for you. We offer a variety of programmes with different difficulty levels, all led by highly experienced yoga instructors. 

Explore India and bring your body and mind into harmony. Adventurous souls can take an excursion and see famous landmarks in person. 

Indulge in a luxuy yoga retreat in India to pamper your body whilst soothing your soul, or get back to nature in one of our original yoga retreats. Our expert team of travel advisors can help you find your perfect yoga retreat, in India or elsewhere.

Our Most Popular Yoga Retreats in India