72 Hour Complimentary Reservation

A complimentary 72 hour reservation is possible for many of our selected offers.

1. Find Your Dream Getaway

Many of our offers are refundable within 72 hours of booking. Look for this notice:

72-Hour Reservation

2. Book Relaxed

Select your dream trip and activate the 72-hour field with the drop-down "Yes, I would like 72 hours to consider". As shown here:

72-Hour Reservation

3. 72 Hours to Decide

From the time of booking you have 72 hours (3 days) to decide whether you want to keep the booking.

A) If you decide to keep your booking, you do not have to do anything, your booking will automatically retain legally binding validity.

B) If you decide against your booking, you can cancel it within 72 hours, free of charge, simply send an e-mail to info@spadreams.com