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SpaDreams Principles

Here at SpaDreams, we take customer service very seriously and are dedicated to providing you with high-quality advice and utmost satisfaction. 

1. Individual Booking and Advice

Have a special request or a particular need? No problem! Our qualified travel consultants are well educated and customer-orientated and are able to offer you specialist advice. They'll create a personalised itinerary shaped around your preferences regarding vacation dates, duration, room type and take into account any special requests.

2. Quality Assurance

With almost 40 years of valuable experience in the travel industry, we understand that the best vacations require the best destinations. We run quality checks on all of our hotel partners, to ensure that they meet our criteria for excellence. We pay particular attention to the health oriented philosophy and amenities of hotels, personal service, gastronomic diversity and individual assistance provided by health care professionals, so that we can promise you a high-quality holiday. Around three quarters of SpaDreams deals are Premium Partners and we constantly strive to improve our offers.  

3. Best Price-Guarantee

SpaDreams focus on offering top-quality holidays at the best possible prices. Our Best Price Guarentee ensures the best prices in the Wellness Tourism market. 

4. User Friendly Websites

We aim to make our websites as easy to use as possible. Find your dream destination with ease by using our keyword searches, programme filtering, symptoms/indications and region filters.

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