FAQs - Frequently asked questions

We have answered the most frequently asked questions about your spa holidays with SpaDreams and provide you with valuable tips for your next vacation. Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our competent customer advisors. Have a great vacation!

Safety and quality

Are there any recommendations for the first-aid kit?
Are there any health tips for a long-distance trip?
Where can I find safety tips and important information about long-distance travel?
Where can I inquire about entry requirements?
Who is my local contact?
How can I be helped on site?
In which cases should I contact the SpaDreams customer service?

Hotel evaluation

What is the purpose of your hotel review?

Special offers

Are discounts included in the total trip price?


How do I book my trip online?
Can I also book a trip online no matter where I live in the world?
Do I receive the invoice by e-mail when booking online?
How can I request an invoice online?
Will I receive a written confirmation after booking?
Can I search online for a specific hotel?
Can I book more than one room online?
Can I book more than one offer?
Can I book online for another person?
How does booking on the Internet differ from booking in a travel agency?
Can I also book at the travel agency?
I would like to book for a group. How do I proceed?
I have special booking requests. How is this handled?
Why is my phone number needed?
What personal data will be stored about me?
What is a holiday request?
Can I reserve an offer?
From when is the trip bindingly booked for me?
What services do guests with physical disabilities receive?
How can I find out if there are handicapped accessible rooms in my desired hotel?
How do I know if my pet can travel with me?
If I book a double room, can I book a therapeutic stay for only one person? I would like to accompany another person to the healing therapy, but I do not need a healing therapy myself.

Travel documents and insurance

How detailed do I need to check my travel confirmation?
What is the security certificate?
When and how will I receive my travel documents?
What do I do if my travel documents do not arrive on time?
What information or documents do I need upon arrival?
How can I book insurance?

Payment and fees

How can I pay for my trip?
What are the fees for the different payment methods?
Until when do I have to pay for my trip and how much is the deposit?
Can I pay the full amount directly?
Can I pay for my trip in installments?
Where can I find a receipt for my payment?

Arrival and transfer

Is the transfer from the airport to the hotel and back included in my trip?
Does the driver of the transfer receive me at the airport with a sign?

Rebooking and cancellation

How can I change / cancel a trip?
What costs will I incur in the event of a rebooking/cancellation?
Is it possible to change the names of the travelers in the booking?


Do I have a 14-day right of withdrawal?
How do I get a visa?
What does Best Price Guarantee mean?