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An enchanting blend of beautiful beaches, misty mountains and twinkling lakes, Bulgaria is worth visiting at any time of the year – in winter, the snowy peaks of seven mountain ranges beckon keen snowboarders and skiers, in summer the sun soaked beaches of the Black Sea invite relaxation seekers to unwind in the sunshine and the off-peak seasons are perfect for exploring Bulgaria's rustic villages, charming resorts and myriad cultural attractions. Relics of old traditions and tales of Bulgaria's rich history are still visible today: the stunning Rila Monastery is home to some of Europe's most impressive religious art and mementos of the Thracians, Greeks and Romans lie scattered across the country. 

Bulgaria's popularity as a spa destination can be traced back to the time of the ancient Romans, who  appreciated the healing qualities of the natural thermal waters still used at Bulgarian spa resorts today. Thermal treatments with use of therapeutic mud and mineral waters bring relief for those suffering from back pain, rheumatic diseases and circulatory problems. In additional to traditional thermal spas, Bulgaria also offers luxury wellness and even ayurvedic centres with rejuvenating, invigorating treatments which will bring your body and soul into balance. 

Despite fantastic natural resources and rich cultural heritance, Bulgaria still remains a relatively undiscovered destination with many places unspoilt by mass tourism. Between hiking through alpine forests, reclining on tranquil beaches and indulging in sensational spa treatments, save a moment to sample Bulgarian cuisine, which blends the influences of the Middle East and the Balkans effortlessly. 

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