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Sample an array of delicacies from a traditional Meze table, sip home-made, gourmet wine whilst reclining on your own private balcony with panoramic views of a sweeping vineyard, and swim with peaceful turtles in crystal clear waters, where brightly coloured coral bedecks the sea bed and glints like jewels set into a white, sandy crown. Cyprus is a treasure chest of natural beauty, where Turkish, Greek and Middle Eastern influences fuse together and modern infrastructure makes the island a popular tourist destination. 

Combine spa indulgence with active leisure for a perfect wellness escape. With eight-month-long summers, the Cypriot sun shines almost all year around, meaning that the rocky hiking and nordic walking trails snaking through the country can be explored at any time of year. Akamas National Park is home to a vast number of divine hiking trails, and is known in Greek mythology as the place where Aphrodite met her lover Adonis. 

The Paphos region in the Greek part of Cyprus is beloved by visitors from around the world. Efficient tourist facilities meet the remnants of the island's Greek heritage - as well as modern shopping centres, restaurants and pubs, you'll find one of the largest archaeological sites in the Mediterranean. Paphos is also home to some of our most luxurious hotels. At our opulent resorts, guests can enjoy elegant interiors, superior facilities and a variety of wellness programmes, ranging from luxury wellness and relaxation programmes to intense natural detox cures. 

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