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Exotic Holidays

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Exotic travel - discover the most exotic places in the world

With our exciting packages, we bring you to the most exotic places in the world: Whether you are looking for a relaxing holiday with exotic treatments and incredible white beaches, luxury or health holidays accompanied by Ayurveda, your exotic holiday will be a once in a lifetime experience! Get inspired by our most popular exotic holiday destinations below.

Exotic holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, is the country of Ayurveda, incredible flora, and fauna and outstanding hospitality. We invite you to experience traditional Ayurveda and bring your body and soul into balance. Reside in the most beautiful exotic holiday resorts in Sri Lanka directly on white-sandy beaches and enjoy your ultimate exotic escape.

Exotic Island Travel

With our exotic holiday packages in Indonesia, the Maldives, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic, you will experience premium exotic places. Whether you are looking for exotic yoga retreats, the ultimate Bali glamping experience, an unforgettable exotic honeymoon or exotic wellness treatments, our exotic hotels have the perfect options for you.

Exotic Holidays in Thailand

Experience the Asian Bliss and immerse yourself in endless white sandy beaches, exotic places and discover mystic Thai temples. Located between limestone cliffs, paradisaical coastline and beautiful lush vegetation, our exotic spas in Thailand provide you with exceptional active, detox, yoga and wellness programmes, ideal for beginners and advanced.

Exotic holidays in India

Blessed by its incredibly versatile landscape, from the peaks of the Himalayas to the coast of the Indian Ocean, India also holds a millennium of history and traditions. One of them is the holistic approach of healing: Ayurveda. With our exotic holiday packages, you will surely discover a programme according to your personal needs and wishes: from classic Ayurveda or Yoga & Ayurveda to Ayurveda for Stress Management or Panchakarma.

Exotic destinations in Europe and Africa

For those looking for a memorable exotic travel experience in Europe and Africa, we have beautiful exotic places to offer you. From Tenerife to Morocco, you will experience sun, palm trees, warm sand and outstanding service.

Exotic holidays in Tenerife

Our exotic hotels in Tenerife focus on purification, bringing you back into balance and support you on your journey to a healthier you with excellent weight loss programmes. If you want to experience thalassotherapy, you’ve come to the right place – located directly on the Adriatic coast, minerals of the seawater are used for an authentic healing therapy.

Exotic holidays in Madeira

If you’re looking for active recreation, exotic wellness treatments or light Ayurveda, the Portuguese island of Madeira, also known as the “pearl of the Atlantic” might be the perfect exotic place for your exotic getaway in Europe. Next to your exotic holiday package, we invite you to explore the stunning natural scenery and incredible culinary. There is a reason why this exotic destination is consistently voted one of the world’s top island destinations.

Exotic holidays in Malta

Malta is the perfect destination for an exotic island holiday in Europe. Boasting picturesque bays, azure blue water and a diverse culture make the island an incredible exotic place. In our exotic resorts you are awaited by wellness, regenerating as well as Yoga and fitness programmes. The premium locations will make your stay an unforgettable exotic experience.

Exotic holidays in Morocco

Your exotic escape to Morocco calls for resting and restoring your inner and outer beauty. Enjoy breath-taking views over the ocean while sipping your morning coffee and experience the unique atmosphere of a traditional Moroccan souk. No matter if you’re a yoga enthusiast, wellness lover or seek for sports and activity, a fairytale holiday awaits you in our exotic hotels in Morocco.

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Exotic Holiday Packages


Are you looking for a luxury exotic holiday, time together on your exotic honeymoon and want to enjoy outstanding service? Our exotic spas and hotels might be just right for you. Unwind in incredibly stunning destinations worldwide and be spoiled by first-class exotic spa programmes – you deserve it! Choose from a range of exotic holiday packages including detox, wellness, yoga, fitness and much more

Exotic Yoga

Between coconut groves, beautifully blooming gardens and dreamlike beaches, exotic destinations like Thailand, Bali and India are home to some of the best exotic yoga retreats worldwide. From Zen yoga to learning to listen to your inner voice, your SwaSwara, our exotic holiday packages will make your yoga dreams come true.

Exotic Spas & Wellness

Have you ever dreamed of an exotic honeymoon on Mauritius or another exotic destination? Offering exceptional luxurious atmospheres, first-class beach locations, our exotic spas have the perfect conditions for your exotic escape. Or you are simply looking to find some colourful nature and regenerate on an exotic beach holiday with relaxing massages and detoxifying treatments – our exotic spas welcome you warmly.


When you are longing for a carefree exotic island holiday, our exotic all-inclusive holiday packages in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Madeira and Tenerife might be an option for you. Discover exotic nature resorts, improve your health and let yourself be fully pampered in the finest luxury away from the mass tourism hot spots. You deserve it!

Solo Travellers ​​​​​​

Our exotic holiday packages for solo travellers are promising: Let yourself be pampered by traditional Asian massages, enjoy excellent detox cuisine and clear your thoughts from worries on long walks on your exotic beach holiday. The best exotic places to go for solo travelling are Thailand, Sri Lanka, India or exotic destination in Europe.

Exotic Low Cost

A low cost exotic holiday doesn't mean you will have to settle for a cheap exotic holiday experience. Don't miss the chance to enjoy even our most luxurious and extravagant exotic spas and resorts. We have outstanding exotic holiday packages for even the smallest budget. Find your favourite programmes in fascinating exotic places in the world as well as in exotic destinations in Europe for a price that won’t break the bank.

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FAQ: My Exotic Escape

What can I expect from an exotic holiday at SpaDreams?

An exotic holiday can be different for everyone: For some it means exploring unknown, historical places in Europe but for us it’s all about sun, palm trees, white sandy beaches, turquoise blue water, exotic spas and stunning views from some of the most exotic hiking paths in the world. You will experience all of this and more on your exotic holiday. At SpaDreams, exotic travelling is all about relaxing, bringing your body and mind back into balance in exotically beautiful scenery.

What is the best season for my exotic holiday?

Sri Lanka: Throughout the year, coastal and lowland areas in Sri Lanka enjoy temperatures between 26°-30°C on average. Good to know for travellers with circulatory problems: Humidity can rise up to 90% in the southwest and up to 60 – 80% across the rest of the island. As most of our exotic spas in Sri Lanka are located in the west and south (west), we recommend travelling during December and March.

Indonesia: During your exotic holidays in Indonesia, you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year round. If you want to experience Indonesia during its warm season, you should go on your exotic travel between June and November. Exotic temperatures during these months between min. 22°C and max. 31°C will await you.

Morocco: If you’re planning your exotic escape to Morocco to one of our exotic resorts in the mountains or the inland, we recommend the months from mid-March to May or in autumn from September to October. During these months, temperatures are pleasantly warm. Our exotic spas on the coast are the perfect choice for your exotic getaway all year round.

Maldives: Have you decided to travel to the beautiful Maldives? Enjoy crystal-clear water and picture-postcard scenery on your exotic holidays in November and April. Temperatures range from 23°C to 31°C and you will have a large selection of water-based or hiking activities to enjoy.

Mauritius: The best time for your exotic escape to Mauritius is from May to December. During this dry, cool and sunny season, you can enjoy the exotic destination at its best: go snorkelling or diving in the stunningly beautiful reefs and unwind under the shade of countless palm trees.

Dominican Republic: The top months to go on your exotic holidays is from December to April. During this time, you can expect the best weather conditions to make your exotic holidays a unique experience. With many beaches and outdoor activities, the Dominican Republic is the ideal exotic destination to escape the cold temperatures in your home country.

Thailand: Travelling to Thailand on your exotic holiday between November – April is the best time. During these months, the west coast of Thailand is most favourable as you can enjoy diving and snorkelling at its best.

India: The best season for your exotic holiday to India is between October and March. During this time, you will avoid the heavy monsoon rains and you can enjoy the dry and pleasantly warm weather – the perfect conditions to explore the diverse beauty of India. Some of our exotic hotels are located in Kerala which one of our most popular exotic detitanations in India.

Europe: We recommend visiting our favourite exotic destinations in Europe during the summer months (July – September) if you want to experience warmer temperatures and fully indulge in your exotic escape.

What can I expect from my exotic hotel?

Find your exotic resort in dreamlike locations on white sandy beaches, green jungles and stunning cliffs. You will be awaited by comfortably equipped properties with modern touches as well as the most exclusive service and treatments. Teams of experts will care for your every need and make sure you take time to unwind in your exotic resort. Most of our exotic resorts provide outdoor pools with fantastic sea views, incredible exotic wellness treatments, a focus on sustainability and much more.

Do I need vaccinations for my exotic holiday?

Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Thailand: Vaccinations for these exotic destinations are highly recommended, especially if you’re staying longer, want to try street food and travel to remote places. Recommended vaccinations: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, typhoid, yellow fever, Japanese encephalitis, rabies, meningitis, mumps and rubella (MMR), Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), chickenpox, shingles, pneumonia, polio, measles and influenza.

Morocco: If unvaccinated, the WHO and the National Travel Health Network and Centre recommend the following vaccinations as the most important ones: hepatitis A and B, polio, rabies, tetanus and typhoid.

India: For India, we recommend the following vaccinations: hepatitis A and B, mumps and rubella (MMR), influenza, typhoid, yellow fever, rabies, meningitis, cholera, polio, measles, Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis), Japanese encephalitis, shingles, pneumonia and chickenpox.

Maldives: There are no required vaccinations by law for the Maldives unless you’re flying from tropical Africa. Though, for your own personal health it’s highly recommended to be vaccinated against Hepatitis A and Typhoid (the main food and water borne diseases) and Tetanus.

Dominican Republic: When travelling to your exotic destination in the Dominican Republic, the WHO and CDC recommend the following vaccinations: Influenza, hepatitis A and B, mumps and rubella (MMR), typhoid, pneumonia, cholera, meningitis, polio, rabies, measles, chickenpox, shingles and Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis).

Europe: For a trip to Europe you would only need your routine vaccinations: MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), hepatitis A and B, rabies and typhoid.

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