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There are very few other places on Earth which are as much inviting and hospitable as Greece, renowned for its Mediterranean flair and the sense of tranquillity that washes over the numerous ancient relics adorning its landscapes. Greece is the home of some of our most splendid spa resorts, located on beautiful islands scattered around the Peloponnesian Peninsula. Crete, the largest of the Greek islands is the birthplace of many ancient Greek myths and legends and pulsates with a unique ambience that encompasses pink-sand beaches, friendly locals and some of the healthiest food in the world. 

From tiny fishing villages to ultra-modern spa resorts, the Greek islands blend a peaceful lifestyle with ultimate comfort and luxury spa treatments. According to the Greek myths, Greece is blessed by the Gods with olive trees and treasures of the sea. Spa hotels in Greece offer effective treatments with use of sea salt, algae and sea mud rich in minerals that nourish and firm the skin. Thalassotherapy provides not only deep relaxation, but also supports detoxification and slimming, helps get rid of cellulite and tones the skin. Superior Greek olive oil is used for massages and moisturising masks. Our spa hotels in Greece offer an extensive range of luxury spa packages, from slimming to spa wellness. 

A spa holiday in Greece is also an excellent opportunity to slow down, relax and watch the glowing sun sink into the horizon with a glass of exquisite Greek wine in your hand and gourmet seafood on your plate. If you want to de-stress at a luxury resort with superb spa facilities in a stunning island location look no further than our range of spa resorts in Greece.

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