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From stunning landscapes to ancient cities, once the cradle of Western civilization, Greece is now one of the most inviting and luxurious tourist destinations in the world. The richness of life and high quality of food promoted by Mediterranean culture’s work-to-live philosophy (unlike the northern live-to-work one) makes Greece a perfectly suited host of spa and wellness retreats.

Saturated in culture, Greece’s ancient ruins and rich history comprise 18 UNESCO World Heritage sites. Watch a tragedy in an open air amphitheatre, visit the Acropolis of Athens and its medieval Daphni Monastry, and train for your sporting activities in the landscape that gave birth to the Olympics.

Its numerous and varied islands scattered around the Peloponnesian peninsula can be visited by boat: from the lively bars of Mykonos and Athens to the peaceful mountains of Euboea and the pink sands of Crete, Greece is as varied as it is beautiful and you will be spoilt for choice in deciding where to stay.

The largest of the Greek islands, Crete, is home to the Diktaean Cave of Mount Dikti - the birthplace of Zeus -  and Lake Voulismeni was goddess Athena’s bathing place of choice. The myth of Theseus and the Minotaur is based on the labyrinth of the Palace of Knossos and the island's luscious olive trees and maritime treasures are attributed to the work of the Gods.

Tiny fishing villages meet state of the art spa resorts, providing you with as much peace as luxury. The quality of Greece’s waters provide the ideal location for Thalassotherapy: a seawater oriented method of detoxification and slimming, reducing cellulite and toning the skin. Superior Greek olive oil is also used in everything from massages and moisturising to its world renowned cuisine that is amongst the healthiest around. We have chosen some of the best spa hotels in Greece for you, with an extensive range of luxury spa packages, from slimming to yoga and wellness.

Now its your turn to imagine: imagine your first morning in Greece, tea made with mediterranean herbs on the balcony, yoga in the cool morning coastal air, a long brunch under the shade of the olive trees, a stroll along the beach, pink sand under feet as the waves splash gently. Then, imagine yourself surrounded by friends at dinner on the terrace, sipping Santorini wine and dining on fresh seafood and olives, watching as the golden evening sunlight glitters over the Aegean sea and melts into the horizon. We can take you there, we can help make your spa dreams come true…


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