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Are you looking for a spa hotel in Jordan? Then this is the right place for you. We will help you find the perfect spa programme for your individual needs. Here you will find all information about the spa hotels in Jordan and how your stay with them will benefit you.

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If you already know that you want to book a spa hotel in Jordan, you can use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them according to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find the best spa hotel for your needs.

The Most Popular Programmes in Jordan

Relaxation and well-being: Enjoy Jordan and the sea's unique landscape of special salt formations, turquoise water and brown desert mountains. A very special combination!

Medical vacations: Treatments for psoriasis, vitiligo, acne, neurodermatitis, atropathic psoriasis and rheumatic problems. These therapies are offered from a minimum of 7 overnight stays. However a stay of two weeks is recommended so that the positive effects are greater. Medical support included, depending on the type of therapy may include applications outside of climate therapy in the sea.

Health Holidays in a Spa Hotel in Jordan

Jordan's main luxury hotels are located directly next to the Dead Sea on Sweimeh's northeast coast. Each balneotherapy centre has qualified and specialised staff and a medical treatment centre offering various types of treatment, such as rheumatism, psoriasis, vitiligo and many others. For more information, please visit our Dead Sea Climate Therapy website.

In these spa centres there are also programmes of activities such as aqua gymnastics, cooking, tennis and more. Several massages, treatments and/or climatic therapies are included in your stay package with SpaDreams. The rooms have a terrace or balcony offering a breathtaking view of the mountains, the Dead Sea or the botanical gardens. Close to the city centre of Amman, the spa hotels are perfectly situated for excursions.

Climatotherapy Packages Can Include:

  • Medical examination with a GP or dermatologist
  • Establishment of an individual treatment plan
  • Medical support (2x per week, more if needed)
  • Psychologist/mental health therapy
  • Medicines and ointments according to doctor’s prescription
  • Climatotherapy treatments
  • Final report
  • Use of the natural solarium and the cool Dead Sea mud
  • Use of the Dead Sea water pool at the medical centre
  • Emergency services (24h)
Dead Sea Health Spa Hotel Jordan
Skin Mud Treatment at the Dead Sea

The Advantages of Staying in a Spa Hotel in Jordan

  • Thanks to the high quality staff, this stay will allow you to relax completely. You will be able to recharge your batteries in a calm atmosphere and return more relaxed. 
  • The spa hotels are located close to the Dead Sea where you can experience the unique climate and its healing benefits while floating in the salty water.
  • Near the hot springs there are historic sites not to be missed.

The main ones are:

  1. The City of Petra, which really deserves its name. It's a city excavated and carved out of stone and therefore an unmissable place that also became famous thanks to the Indiana Jones movie. Discover the incredible architecture of the lost city!
  2. A walk in the desert of Wadi Rum. Explore the pink desert with its sumptuous dunes and incredible steppe. The Wadi Rum Desert is also known as the Moon Valley. Get to know the variety of impressive rock formations!
  3. Hammamat Ma'in Hot Springs: The relaxing hot springs and beautiful waterfalls of the Hammamat Ma'in region can be visited and enjoyed on a day trip, as found in the vicinity of our Jordanian spa hotels. You'll come back feeling refreshed!
  • You will have access to the hotel's private swimming pools, spa area, sports area, solarium, spa centre and activities. The spa waters of the hotel come directly from the Dead Sea to pamper your skin as much as possible.
  • By booking your stay at a spa hotel in Jordan with SpaDreams, you will enjoy a holiday package that includes wellness programmes and access to the hotel's various services. The climatic therapy for a therapeutic treatment can also be included in the package at a preferential price. In addition, SpaDreams can arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel for you.

Luxury hotels for maximum comfort, with attentive staff and an excellent kitchen to make your stay unforgettable. All this with an outstanding value for money.


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    Salt Water Floating
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    City of Petra in Jordan

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    Health Spa Hotels in Jordan

    How to Book a Health Spa Hotel with Us

    On our website you can easily consult our spa hotels and choose the one that best suits your individual needs. Reservations can be made directly online, as well as requesting a quote or pre-booking for 72 hours free of charge. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experts, who will be happy to help you.

    SpaDreams Recommendations - Save Money with Our Tips!

    • Best Time to Travel: The best times to travel to Jordan are between March - May and September - late October. It is when the climate remains warm but bearable with a dry climate and therefore perfect for climate treatments. Keep in mind that these periods are the high seasons of tourism and, therefore, you can expect a slightly higher price with some more guests.

    • Travelling in the low season: If you are not sensitive to the heat, the months of June, July and August will be perfect for you. However, high temperatures (sometimes as high as 40°) are often not well supported by European tourists. That's why in this period the prices are the cheapest.

    • Duration of Stay: This country with its hidden treasures deserves a stay of at least a week if you want to enjoy all the benefits of its microclimate, hotel services and its must-see places. A relaxing stay of a week will allow you to recharge your batteries and rest. If you want to carry out a climatic cure, it will be necessary to plan a minimum duration of 7 nights, better still would be 14 days according to the professional doctors of the Dead Sea.

    • Change Money: There are usually no difficulties when it comes to changing money in Jordan; change sites are easily found in cities or even at the airport itself. However, we advise you to bring a few Jordanian dinars so that you can take a taxi to your accommodation. Don't be afraid to negotiate with the taxi drivers, they are used to tourists and to raising the price.

    • Pay with Euros? Although it may seem strange, in some places/businesses in Jordan you can pay with Euros. It sounds simple but the problem is that the change you make is not advantageous. Don't be fooled by this, it's always better to pay/tip in Dinars than Euros. One Dinar is 1,28 Euros (September 2019).

    • Round Trip Transfer with SpaDreams: If you are not yet comfortable with the negotiation, we advise you to book a round trip transfer from the AMM Airport to the hotel with SpaDreams. Our team will help you with the booking.

    • Book Early: For the most attractive fare, don't forget to book your stay in Jordan well in advance. It is recommended to book a few months in advance to get the best price. This way you can save a little money, which you can then invest in your spa treatments! Sounds good, doesn't it?

    • Offers/Discounts: In addition to special packages, SpaDreams offers you special discounts during a certain period of the year, so stay in touch with us and don't miss out!

    Tips for Your Climatotherapy Holiday in Jordan

    • Check the dates of Ramadan before booking your climatotherapy package. Whilst it’s still possible to visit during Ramadan, there are often more constraints in terms of excursions and services at this time.
    • Jordan is an Islamic country and a conservative society. This means there should be no immodest dress or public displays of affection. Social respect will also be expected.
    • The months of June, July and August are very hot, with temperatures going over 40 °C in the shade, and so it’s not the ideal time to visit Jordan for most European guests. Cardio would be very strenuous in such temperatures!
    • Sandals are very useful for walking down the dry land to the Dead Sea in Jordan (especially as it’s receding bit by bit each year!)
    • At the edge of the sea, you can drink thermal water from the spring (not from the sea itself, of course). Some guests bring a little thermos flask with them to make tea on the spot.


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