Health Spa Hotels in Lithuania

Health Spa Hotels in Lithuania

Discover spas in Lithuania and explore captivating landscapes

Experience the up-and-coming European destination for medical tourism. Explore the country’s history and nature while enjoying excellent medical and wellness treatments. Enhanced by the natural beauty of the country, our hotels in Lithuania welcome you warmly in modern facilities and offer exclusive treatments for your healing journey. SpaDreams has a wide range of hotels in Lithuania with excellent medical and spa programmes on a budget, carefully curated over 40 years of hotel partnerships.

Our Most Popular Programmes in Lithuania

Specialty Programmes

Nowadays, we’re often in a rush, feel unfit or under pressure to be constantly available. Our specialty programmes focus on bringing your body and mind back in balance. No matter if you want to take a digital detox, increase your activity level or counteract acute stress symptoms, our hotels in Lithuania guide you through your journey to a healthier and happier you.

Medical Wellness Programmes

Teams of experts in some of our best spas in Lithuania are specialised in medical wellness. They support you to actively improve your well-being and health. Experience the healing power of Lithuania’s mineral-rich water sources which have similar healing benefits to the Dead Sea. Guests can recover in quietly located hotels and strengthen their healing process by soaking in the clean air of Lithuanian forests.

Discover Lithuania

Are you looking for a cultural escape but also want to spoil yourself with relaxing wellness in some of the best spas in Lithuania? Discover more than 370 different wellness treatments and exclusive spas after learning about Lithuanian culture. Surrounded by nature, paired with slow food cuisine, modern and homely hotel facilities, wellness lovers will surely find pure relaxation. Take your well-deserved time-out with our wellness stays.

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Our Most Popular Spa Hotels in Lithuania

If you already know you want to book a spa in Lithuania, please use our search tool to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find and book the best spa in Lithuania for your needs.

The Spa History of Lithuania

It has only been a few years since the importance of health spa hotels in Lithuania and especially in medical tourism has risen, even though the country’s spa tradition already exists for over a century. One of the main towns for spa tourists is Druskininkai. Our health spa hotels in this town are specialised in medical wellness and slimming programmes. Spas in Druskininkai and other spa hotels in Lithuania are very proud of the mineral water sources and the high-quality ingredients that support patients on their healing journey.

Our health spa hotels in Lithuania focus on creating a homely atmosphere and are mostly located in the midst of beautiful, calm nature. Medical experts will support your healing journey by ensuring signature treatments and an optimal atmosphere for your personal needs. By now, the outstanding treatments and professionalism within spa resorts in Lithuania are both nationally and internationally recognised.

Medical Expertise in Spas in Lithuania

Focusing 100% on healing and wellness programmes, Lithuania is the up-and-coming destination for medical tourism. Medical programmes in our spa hotels in Lithuania include baths with mineral-rich medicinal water which has similar properties as the Dead Sea, lymph drainages, physical and rehabilitative medicine and count to the best spas in Lithuania. With over one hundred years of tradition and experience, medical experts in our spas in Lithuania provide you with expertise knowledge and guidance to a healthier and happier you.

Please contact us for any other request you may have. Our team of experts will gladly offer you advice for your holiday to Lithuania.

Medical Expertise in Lithuania

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Our most popular spa towns in Lithuania


Located in Southern Lithuania, Druskininkai is a cosy little resort town, essentially located in the forest and full of nature. Wander through colourful flower gardens, along glistening lakes and enjoy the sunrays on your skin. Famous for its mineral waters, the town is also home to one of the biggest health resorts in Lithuania: Druskininkai SPA. Druskininkai SPA is a water amusement park with a variety of other attractions such as the beautiful dancing fountain, historical museums, beautiful nature parks and much more. Though, Lithuanian people are most proud of the over 50 mineral water sources of the town. Beneficial for guests with stomach, intestine, joints, skin, nervous system issues and many more, treatments are targeted to soothe symptoms and strengthen the overall health of the guests.

Our hotels in Druskininkai are EuropeSpa med certified with 100 - 370 different treatments, slow food cuisine, natural remedies and breath-taking natural surroundings.


Vilnius is a great destination for guests searching for a beautiful, unique and culturally rich holiday experience in Lithuania. Many sights like art galleries and museums are in walking distance from your hotel – if you’re interested in culture, we recommend to visit them during your stay. Or you can take a stroll through forests located close to your hotel and enjoy magnificent views over glistening lakes. What a wonderful way to spend your time in between treatments in your spa in Vilnius.

Our spa in Vilnius is located in the middle of a scenic 280 ha property. Surrounded by three lakes, a private beach and an 18-hole golf course, this spa in Vilnius provide ideal conditions for a recovering holiday in Lithuania. Discover exclusive wellness, beauty, yoga and Ayurveda treatments during your stay in our spa in Vilnius. Relax in the newly opened The V Spa & Wellness Centre - one of two large wellness areas in the hotel.



Surrounded by a rural, slightly hilly landscape with 76 lakes lies Anykščiai with a population of only 12 000. Did you know that this town lies on the longest river to both start and end in Lithuania, the Šventoji river? Despite its size, Anykščiai has quite many interesting sights to explore, with some of them being outside the centre. We therefore recommend a rental car if you’re interested in sightseeing - it’s definitely worth it.

Our hotel in Anykščiai is the newest edition to the SPA Vilnius Group. This luxury spa in Lithuania has been awarded with the title of the “most successful tourism project in Lithuania” and offers first-class treatments. Being perfectly situated in the midst of nature, it also creates a complete escape from the daily hustle and bustle for their guests. What more do you wish for on your healing holiday?


Birštonas is a small resort town in the centre of Lithuania. It’s known for its renowned spas and salty mineral water and mud sources, making the town a unique place to visit and relax. The town opened its first spa resort in the 19th century, attracting people from all over Russia, Poland and the Baltic region seeking for curative mineral water and mud treatments. If you long for a relaxing and recovering health holiday in Lithuania at a reasonable price, you’ve come to the right place. Enjoy exclusive health and spa treatments in calming surroundings.

Our health spa hotels are located in the beautiful and calm nature of Birštonas. Guests can enjoy their stay in one of our modern wellness hotels with numerous spa and medical treatments as well as natural remedies. Especially the mineral-rich healing water in the spa areas provides special healing benefits.



Spa park Druskininkai, Lithuania
Mineral water source in the spa park in Druskininkai
Health Spa Hotels Lithuania
Hot air balloons in Vilnius

Culinary delights, Lithuanian culture and nature

Travel to Lithuania if you want to try some exclusive culinary delights. Our health spa hotels in Lithuania prepare healthy dishes and a selection of food for guests with intolerances or allergies. Many dishes in our spas in Lithuania are prepared with seasonal and local ingredients. We recommend trying healthy and authentic Lithuanian foods during your holiday: cold beetroot soup, cranberry kisielius (kisel, a fruit drink or soup) and pickled cabbage. Originating from Eastern Europe and Russia, Kefir is a famous ingredient in many traditional foods in Lithuania. 

When planning your holiday to Lithuania, you will often read about the culture in Lithuania. Lithuanians are nature-loving and have a strong feeling of a shared culture. Throughout the seasons, you can experience different cultural events including traditional music, dance and theatre festivals.

You will experience many benefits from medical tourism in Lithuania when travelling to Lithuania for your health holiday. One of them is the quality of life for resting before and after your treatments: With captivating natural landscapes, the unspoiled, endless countryside and beautiful beaches, the nature in Lithuania creates a unique atmosphere to unwind and relax. While our best spas in Lithuania and its mineral water sources leave you feeling recovered and healthy.

FAQ Lithuania - Travel and Saving Tips

What is the best time to travel to Lithuania?

Combining your holiday to Lithuania with your healthcare makes great sense. While you are there, you will have much to explore and learn. If you prefer pleasantly warm temperatures during your holiday to Lithuania, we recommend travelling during the mild summer. If you wish to experience Lithuania in winter, Lithuanian towns show their undeniable charm during the rather colder winters, when ski trails in the depths of the forest beckon you for fun ski days with friends and family.

Travel to Lithuania: Visa requirements?

Travelling to Lithuania, there are no visa requirements for EU citizens, regardless of the length or purpose of stay. For nationals from the UK, US, UAE, New Zealand, Australia or Canada, a visa is only required if a stay for over 90 days is planned. For visitors who are unsure, we recommend to contact the embassy to check your visa requirements for your Lithuanian holiday.

How do I reach my hotel in Lithuania?

Once you have landed at your destination airport, we recommend renting a car to get to your spa hotel in Lithuania. This can especially be useful if you plan to explore the surroundings of your spa town on your own. If you want to use the convenience of a shuttle transfer from and to the airport, most of our hotels offer this service for an additional fee. You can make a reservation directly via SpaDreams and pay on site.

How can I can save money on my Lithuanian holiday?

  1. If you are looking for an exclusive budget holiday to Lithuania, you’ve come to the right place. We advise our customers to book the spa package option if you’re interested in multiple treatments. This will not only be more cost-effective for you but the treatment packages can already be booked before your trip instead of on site in the spa in Lithuania. Together with our hotel partners, we assemble personalised health spa packages at the best value for your money and personal needs.
  2. To benefit from the “Early Bird Specials” on programmes and stays, we advise to book well ahead of your holiday to Lithuania.
  3. Did you know that travelling during the off-peak season you will not only avoid the tourism stream but also save money on hotel and treatment bookings as hotels raise prices in peak seasons (usually during summer and winter months)?

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