Health Spa Hotels in Slovenia

Health Spa Hotels in Slovenia

Thermal and Medical Wellness in Beautiful Surroundings

Are you looking for a wellness hotel and medical spa in Slovenia? Then you’ve come to the right place. SpaDreams has a wide range of spa resorts in Slovenia and excellent health programmes, carefully curated over 40 years of hotel partnerships.

Our Most Popular Programmes in Slovenian Spa Resorts

Ayurveda Offers in Slovenia

Ayurveda has its origin in India and Sri Lanka. Though, over the last decades, this traditional form of holistic healing is increasingly acknowledged in Europe as well. Our health spa hotels in Slovenia have their own Ayurveda centre and treatments including daily consultation with the Ayurveda specialists, trained in India. With daily consultations, individual treatment and nutrition plans and Ayurvedic applications, our spa resorts in Slovenia ensure original Ayurveda.

Diet & Slimming Offers

Our health spa hotels in Slovenia offer amazing diet and slimming programmes. With an individual nutrion and exercise plan, you will feel your energy rising in a healthy way. Next to your exercise plan, our health spa hotels in Slovenia make sure to balance your activities with some well-deserved relaxation time. Enjoy soothing aroma massages and weight loss accelerating peelings.

Thermal Wellness Deals

Fulfil your thermal dreams in one of our health spa hotels in Slovenia and experience maximum relaxation as well as healing effects. Our spa hotels in Slovenia offer exceptional thermal stays including therapeutic water aerobics, cosy spa facilities and access to thermal pools. Thermal water carries therapeutic effects which is especially beneficial for people with joint, stiff muscles or arthritis problems.

Thalassotherapy Offers

Thalassotherapy is another form of natural healing. It is mostly known in regions close to coastal air and seawater and uses water as a main source to treat symptoms. Our Thalasso health spa hotel in Slovenia is no exception. On the breath-taking Adriatic Coast, you will enjoy pure relaxation through different treatments, massages, peelings, Fango and algae packs, all utilising the curative minerals found in the sea. Ultimately, the Mediterranean climate will make your Thalasso experience complete.

Our Most Popular Spa Hotels in Slovenia

If you already know you want to book a health spa hotel in Slovenia, please use this search bar to get all available offers and filter them to your personal preferences. This way, you can easily find and book the best spa hotel in Slovenia for your needs.

The History of Health Spa Hotels in Slovenia

Especially the connection to nature is an important part for our health spa hotels in Slovenia. Located nearby the sea, pristine beaches and landscapes rich in natural springs, spa hotels in Slovenia are the perfect destination for Thalasso- and Thermal therapy. For centuries, people in Slovenia have been inspired by the healthy waters for a good and healthy living.

Our highly professional health spa hotels in Slovenia offer a wide variety of programmes for different health conditions and for spa and wellness lovers. The most important and frequently treated conditions in our spa hotels in Slovenia are gynaecological or urological illnesses, problems with the muscular or locomotor system, skin problems, different allergies, rheumatic problems and many more.

Authentic Ayurveda programmes are increasingly included in spa hotels in Slovenia. The traditional Indian holistic healing method is perfectly complimented by the country’s landscapes, allowing you to reconnect to your inner-self, discover the surrounding nature and encourage the balance between your body, mind and soul.

Medical Expertise in Spa Resorts in Slovenia

Health is the most important component to live a long and healthy life which is why our health spa hotels in Slovenia make sure to provide the best medical expertise for you. With Ayurveda experts trained in India, top medical and spa centres with the latest equipment and treatment methods, we ensure high medical and wellness standards. Specialists combine their knowledge and experience while carrying for you with programmes that are 100% focused on wellbeing and healing. Through the combination of constant updates about new medical findings and keeping traditional knowledge and treatment methods alive, our spa hotels in Slovenia are unique, effective and welcoming.

Please contact us for any other request or concern of yours. Our team of experts will offer you advice.

Health Spa Hotels in Slovenia
Town Square in Ljubljana, Slovenia
Health Spa Hotels in Slovenia
Adriatic Sea, Slovenia

Culture, Culinary and Nature

Health Spa Hotels Slovenia
Historic gothic church on Lake Bled surrounded by the Slovenian Alps

When visiting Slovenia, you will be welcomed by a warm-hearted population, a boasting cultural scene with museums, urban happenings, traditional and cosmopolitan festivals and much more to authentically dive into the Slovenian culture.

Slovenia takes conservation of their forests and wildlife very serious and as a result, forests still cover more than half of the country. These forests are inhabited by a variety of plant and animal species that live undisturbed by humans. Be blown away by the beauty of the country’s rugged coastline, vast mountain ranges, wide valleys with sprawling vineyards, as well as sparkling azure rivers and lakes. If you want to enjoy a special wellness or medical experience in a breath-taking ambience, with countless healing springs, then pack your bags and take off to Slovenia. Located in the border region to Austria and Italy and crossed by river valleys, you can hike through the mountains and enjoy the views of the fascinating nature.

Next to its cultural traditions, Slovenia surprises with outstanding traditions in gastronomy and winegrowing as well. If you want to dive into a unique culinary journey you should take the time to visit tourist farms and old village inns. If you come along the mountain world, you shouldn’t miss the mountain cabins. Here, dishes are still prepared according to the old Slovenian recipes. The varied and rich offers in Slovenian gastronomy let you taste the most delightful dishes in more than 20 culinary regions.

In 2021, Slovenia will be crowned the European gastronomic region and is already recognised internationally as the next big culinary hub within Europe.

FAQ - Travel and Saving Tips

What are some of the most popular travel destinations in Slovenia?

One of the most popular and beautiful destinations in Slovenia is the Adriatic Sea - a tranquil coastal town and with countless caves. If you want to try a Thalassotherapy programme, one of our health spa hotels in Slovenia is located on the Adriatic Sea providing the ideal conditions for this therapy form.

Lake Bled - Lake Bled is picture perfection. This special place in Slovenia impresses with azure blue water and a magnificent panorama of the Slovenian Alps. Take the classic pletna boat to the island in the middle of the lake and enjoy the unique views over the stunning landscape. While visiting the island, you can explore the historic gothic church on top of the hill and learn about the history of the island. Did you know that the island was once a destination of pilgrimage as well?

Piran - Welcome to the dreamy coastal city Piran in Slovenia. Located along on the Adriatic coast, this city has one of the best-preserved historical towns in the Mediterranean. You will be surprised about the beauty and diversity Piran has to offer. It is the perfect mix between cultural sights as well as the Venetian-like charm which make the city a lovely place to recharge.

Ljubljana - Due to its proximity to Vienna, Ljubljana is much like an Austrian city. Though, especially during the summer months, the city turns into a charming Mediterranean paradise. With cosy cafés, colourful markets and brilliant events all year round, everyone finds themselves impressed by the magic of Ljubljana.

If you’re a hike nature enthusiast, you should definitely explore Slovenia’s highest point, Mount Triglav. Fun fact: After Finland and Sweden, Slovenia is the third most forested country within Europe.

Amongst this emerald-hued landscape of green mountains and hills, picturesque valleys and forests, are situated some of the world’s best thermal spring spas with unique healing properties.

Northeast Slovenia - The Lower Styria region in Northeast Slovenia is known for three natural remedies used for medical wellness and spa treatments:

• Mineral waters enriched with natural carbon dioxide • Medicinal mud (Peloid) • Fresh mountain air

In the same region, you can find the unique spa destination Radenci. This city is famous for its Three Hearts Radenska mineral water which is used for liquid therapy and balneotherapy.

Travelling further northeast, lies the cosy town of Moravske Toplice. Due to its extensive thermal spa offerings of over 5000sqm, this beautiful town has been growing in popularity in recent years.

What are the best spa programmes in Slovenia?

Like other eastern spa destinations, Slovenia makes no exception in offering high-quality spa and health treatments. Most of the health spa hotels in Slovenia offer thermal and Thalasso therapies, but also Ayurveda and diet programmes are very popular. To find your perfect health holidays according to your needs, contact our customer service, they will be happy to consult you.

What are the best spa hotels in Slovenia?

Our spa hotels in Slovenia offer a wide variety of different programmes as well as highly trained professionals and welcoming staff. Some of our best spa hotels in Slovenia are: Hotel Thermana Park Lasko ****S, Terme Vivat ****S, Hotel Svoboda and Thalasso Centre Strunjan ****, Hotel Vitarium ****S

Find your dream hotel by checking all our spa hotels in Slovenia.

Holidays in a health and wellness hotel in Slovenia: With or without kids?

Most of our health spa hotels in Slovenia welcome families. During the year, some hotels have child discount as well. Please contact our customer service for further information.

What is the best season for a wellness holiday in Slovenia?

In Slovenia, you get three different climate zones: a continental climate in the north and east, cold in the mountains and a warm Mediterranean in the south and southwest. Winters in Slovenia are cold with an average minimum temperature of around -5°C in January. In summer, you will experience the warm sun with temperatures up to 27°C in July and water temperatures around 25°C in August.

If you’re an activity lover during all seasons of the year, Slovenia might be your next top destination: Between December and April you can enjoy the beautiful snowy mountains while skiing or doing other fun winter sports. For the more relaxing activities, take a swim in the azure blue sea, best between June and September. For the transition season, we recommend taking part in one of the interesting city tours.

What is the ideal length of stay in a health spa hotel in Slovenia?

Depending on the intensity of your symptoms and intentions when visiting a spa hotel in Slovenia, your length of stay usually ranges from a weekend up to one or two weeks. We are happy to consult you in this regard. Simply give us a call or contact us via e-mail.

How to travel to Slovenia?

Slovenia can be reached by various transportation modes such as by train, plane, car and bus. However, the easiest way is via plane: The most convenient airport to reach your health spa destination is the airport of Ljubljana.

If you want to travel the country, the best way is using the bus or train. The public transport network in the country is considered as well developed. If you’re planning to book a rental car and explore the country on your own, you can be sure that the roads are usually well developed.If you want to travel the country, the best way is using the bus or train. The public transport network in the country is considered as well developed. If you’re planning to book a rental car and explore the country on your own, you can be sure that the roads are usually well developed.

How affordable is a holiday in Slovenia?

Slovenia has developed to one of the best destinations in terms of value for money. Concerning your daily costs, it’s possible to travel on a budget for up to £50, midrange up to £70-110 or if you have a more flexible budget, you can spend more than £110.

How much do I spend on a night in a spa resort in Slovenia on average?

If you’re booking a stay only, prices can vary between £63 up to £143 per two nights. Note that most hotels offer stays from 2 or 3 nights upwards only. Depending on the type of programme, length of stay and board/room type, prices for 7 nights range from around £237 to around £1147.

How do I save money when booking a holiday to Slovenia?

When booking a spa resort in Slovenia, we recommend booking a wellness/medical package with multiple instead of single treatments. This will be the most cost-effective option as you can book the packages before your trip instead of individually on site. To benefit from an Early Bird Special on stays and packages, we also recommend to check our website and book in advance.

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