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You want to find out about healing springs? Then you have come to the right place! On this page you get to start with a small definition of healing springs and what different types of springs there are. We will also present the different forms of treatment with spring water offered and the different countries that you can travel to for your perfect healing holiday.

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Definition of healing springs

What is hidden behind the concept of healing springs? This generally refers to all sources that can be assigned a healing, relieving, or preventive effect. But "springs" are not limited to the Earth’s surface, the spring water comes from a depth of several thousand meters. Of course, one source is not the same as another, read on to find out why.

The different types of healing springs

Classification according to spring water temperature and composition

Probably the biggest difference is made between springs in terms of their temperature and their exact composition. But all healing springs are in principle rich in minerals that are transported up from the earth's interior by the spring water. For this reason, healing springs can almost always be categorised as "mineral springs". If the source is not only rich in minerals, but also pleasantly warm, it is often called a "thermal spring".

Classification according to hydrostatic pressure

Springs can also be distinguished in terms of hydrostatic pressure. The spring water can, for example, come out "moderately". This is the case at the same pressure between the atmosphere and the place where the groundwater flows out, which is why these sources tend to be called "falling". If, on the other hand, the pressure at the groundwater outlet point is greater than in the atmosphere, the spring falls into the category of "rising springs".

Classification according to the timeline of the source's activity

A differentiation can also take place with regard to the water content and activity. There are springs that carry water all year round (so-called "perennial springs") and those that are partially dry (so-called "intermittent springs").



Stigande källa i Marienbad
naturliga termalpooler i Italien

Therapies with and near healing springs

If you want to benefit from the healing power of suitable springs, use it as part of a drinking therapy, thermal therapy or as part of a Yoga holiday.If you want to benefit from the healing power of suitable springs, use it as part of a drinking therapy, thermal therapy or as part of a Yoga holiday.

Drinking therapies

The majority of drinking therapies uses water from mineral springs. The healing water is led into springs and can then be taken by yourself either in public drinking halls or in the spa hotel. A drinking treatment usually takes place over a period of 1 to 6 weeks and can be used for almost all diseases. The most important indications are diseases of the digestive system and musculoskeletal system.

Visit our page on drinking therapies if you want to know more about this form of therapy with its different types, the exact procedure and possible health indications.

Thermal therapies

Another form of treatment where healing water plays a central role is the thermal treatment. As the name suggests, it is above all the hot water from thermal springs that contributes to healing here. In connection with baths, inhalations or treatments with healing clay, it has an invigorating effect on the body and can help with the treatment of various diseases, mainly indications of the musculoskeletal system, digestive system and skin.

More information about mechanisms of action and popular sites can be found on our thermal therapy page.

Yoga holidays

In addition, healing springs also play an important role in Yoga. Many yogis see healing springs as transmitters of life energy prana. This prana is transmitted through bathing or drinking. In addition to healing due to special minerals, many healing springs are also believed to have an esoteric power, which is often associated with reports of "miracle therapies". Likewise, it is of course especially relaxing to swim in a hot thermal spring, especially after a powerful Yoga session.

Countries & regions with a high prevalence of health water

Mineral or thermal springs are found in many places in Europe. However, the largest deposits are in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, and Germany. But also, in Asia, for example in northern Bali, where the sulphur-containing healing springs in Banjar are better known.

Do you want to learn more about healing springs around the world? Feel free to visit our country pages:

FAQ Healing springs

Where can you find mineral and healing springs?

Many of the valuable mineral and healing sources are collected in springs. Even today, there are still many mineral springs where everyone can meet their own needs. In addition to Budapest, the Stuttgart region in Germany has the largest mineral water resources in Europe. Up to 44 million litres of water bubble up here every day.

What is the difference between health water and mineral water?

Natural healing water is not a food, but approved as a medicine. That the ingredients have healing and preventive effects has been scientifically proven and is subject to strict scrutiny.

What different types of mineral and healing water are there?

Mineral and health water is divided into three main types:

  1. Chloride water with sodium, calcium and magnesium chloride
  2. Sulphate water with sodium, calcium and iron sulphate
  3. Hydrocarbonate water with sodium, calcium and magnesium bicarbonate

Guideline values for the healing effect:

  • Calcium (Ca2 +) above 250 mg / l
  • Magnesium (Mg2 +) above 100 mg / l
  • Fluoride (F-) above 1 mg / l
  • Hydrogen carbonate (HCO3-) above 1,300 mg / l
  • Sulphate (SO42-) above 1,200 mg / l
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) = carbon dioxide over 1,000

And as we have already mentioned above, there are also the thermal springs that are characterised by the water being warmer than the surrounding groundwater.

Where does healing water help?

Healing water affects both individual organs and the entire metabolism. They help the body in a holistic way.

Teeth: caries

Health water that contains fluoride can compensate for a lack of fluoride and thus help protect the teeth from caries.

Esophagus: heartburn

Heartburn is caused by rising acid from the stomach. Health water with a lot of bicarbonate (from 1,300 mg / l) can neutralize the acid. Depending on their composition, they work just as well as commercially available antacids.

Stomach: too much stomach acid

Too much acid in the stomach attacks the mucous membranes and can cause stomach ulcers in the long run. Health water with a lot of bicarbonate (from 1,300 mg / l) buffers the acid and thus relieves the symptoms.

Intestine: slow digestion

If the gut no longer works, it affects health and well-being. Health water with a lot of sulphate can help here (from 1,200 mg / l). Sulfate promotes the production of digestive juices and gets the gut going again.

Kidney / urinary tract: urinary stones and urinary tract infections

Healing water helps flush the urinary tract well. If there is a tendency for urinary stones, selected healing water can prevent stone formation or help to dissolve it, depending on the type of stone. When it comes to urinary tract infections, specifically selected healing waters make life difficult for the infectious agents and inhibit inflammation.

Bones: osteoporosis

Healing water with a lot of calcium (from 250 mg / l) stabilises the bones at all ages and helps prevent osteoporosis. Researchers found that, older women who drink a litre of healing water with 400 mg of calcium daily can achieve the same bone density of a woman 7 years younger.

Mineral deficiency

Calcium-rich health water (from 250 mg / l) can remedy a calcium deficiency. Calcium is important for healthy and stable bones and teeth. Children or adults who do not like or do not tolerate milk can cover their calcium needs with health water. A magnesium deficiency can e.g. cause muscle cramps or depression. Magnesium-rich health water (from 100 mg / l) helps prevent deficiency.


Health water with a lot of bicarbonate (from 1,300 mg / l) can counteract acidification of the body because they buffer acids.

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