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Slovenia is becoming increasingly popular and is a fascinating destination to explore, offering an intriguing blend of Alpine, Mediterranean and Balkan landscapes. Slovenia's unique ambience makes it the perfect destination for a medical wellness cure. The Slovenian part of the Adriatic coast may not be as long and diverse as the Dalmatian coastline of the neighbouring countries, but it offers an array of superior spa and medical wellness treatments, from relaxation with Ayurveda to thalasso and thermal cures. The Adriatic resorts Portoroz and Strunjan tempt guests in with their mild climate and Mediterranean flair, without the mass of tourists. The western part of Slovenia is an emerald-hued landscape of green mountains and hills, picturesque valleys and thermal springs with unique therapeutic properties. 

An exceptional spa destination is Radenci which is famous for its Three Hearts Radenska mineral water used for balneotherapy and drinking cures. The Slovenian Styria region is renowned for three natural remedies used for spa and medical wellness treatments: the mineral waters enriched with natural carbon dioxide, medicinal mud (peloid) and mountainous air. If you're searching for health and vitality, the Slovenian Styria is the perfect destination. Let our expert customer service team help you find the perfect cure for you in Slovenia! 

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