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In the south-east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean - despite some difficulties to find it on the map due to its very small size - Mauritius has a lot to offer to anyone who wants to go and discover it.

Mauritius, a tropical destination

Located in the middle of the Mascarene Islands, which also consists of Reunion Island and Rodrigues, Mauritius offers a tropical climate ideal for an exotic holiday in the sun, no matter the time of the year.

During the warm season, between November and April, the temperature generally reaches 31 ° C in the sun, refreshed by some mild rains. During the cool season, from May to October, it is possible to rest in the sun on the beach without being too hot, thanks to the temperatures varying between approximately 20 ° C and 28 ° C during the day.

Diversity in harmony

In addition to its idyllic location, during your trip to Mauritius, you will be seduced as soon as you land by its cultural diversity and the warmth of its locals, the Mauritians. Its multicultural population of approximately 1.2 million people consists of different communities living in harmony.

The Indian and Malagasy origins are seen in the mixed physique of the majority of the inhabitants, just as there are also some so-called mulattoes or "whites of Mauritius" who represent a minority (about 2%). There is no main religion, although the majority of the population is Hindu and Tamil, then Christian, Muslim and finally Buddhist.

Here, tolerance and peaceful living amongst the communities are key, which is one of the reasons why Mauritians are very proud of their island. Everyone who is curious to discover their culture is always welcomed with a big smile and great enthusiasm, whether in French, English or Mauritian Creole, which are the three languages spoken on the island.

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Mauritian Culture & Customs

Voyage île Maurice

During your trip to Mauritius, you will often hear Mauritian Creole in all the areas of the island and you will see that the atmosphere is very relaxed and familiar. Do not be surprised or appalled if a Mauritian calls you "cousin" - it is in fact a term often used by locals that can be translated as "my friend"! If you want to surprise the locals, learn some expressions in Creole and you will see an even bigger smile on their faces.

Mauritius has a rich cultural diversity, which is mainly expressed through music, dance and food. Shake it up in front of a concert of "séga", the traditional rhythmic music of the island, and learn from the “séga” dancers dressed in their long, brightly-coloured flower skirts. If you wish to warm up your moves before your stay, we recommend you a few well-known Mauritian artists like the groups Cassiya and Zotsa and the singer Alain Ramanissum.

During your stay, you will enter into a colourful food journey with traditional "dholl puri" (wraps filled with meat or vegetables) or "caris" (curries), dishes made of chopped tomatoes, garlic, onions, thyme, turmeric and meat, poultry or fish, all cooked long enough to give it a scented and spicy flavour. Not to worry, although various spices are often used in Mauritian dishes, locals are used to tourists asking them for mild ones.

As a digestive, you can then enjoy a glass of “rhum arrangé”, rum in which spices and fruits have marinated for preferably a few years. If you get a little thirsty during a walk or while sunbathing on the beach, you will probably always find a small street vendor selling coconuts, which they will cut before your eyes and even add in a little straw!

A Famous Wedding Destination

Voyage île Maurice

Mauritius is also very famous all over the world for wedding celebrations. This is not surprising when you see the dreamy setting of luxury hotels on the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Who would not dream of saying “I do” to the person they love on a sandy beach in front of a glowing sky at sunset?

Plus, no need to wait longer before going on a honeymoon! Just extend your stay and enjoy the wellness and beauty areas of the best luxury hotels, with relaxing massages, quiet moments in the sauna or steam room and even Ayurveda treatments. Enjoy the many water activities available and explore the lagoon, or have a refreshing swim in the pool.

Prepare for your trip to Mauritius

Learn Mauritian Creole

The combination for an ideal trip to Mauritius is to stay in one of its luxury wellness hotels and to explore the island attractions. With an area of ​​approximately 1865 m², the distances between its main sites are relatively short, but in order to properly appreciate the tropical landscapes of the island and visit the different places that interest you, it is generally advisable to stay 7 to 10 days or more if you really want to take your time. In our blog post dedicated to Mauritius you can get an idea of ​​the main destinations to discover in order to prepare your tour of the island!

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