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Bordering Italy, Austria, Croatia and Hungary, lies Slovenia, a small land rich in history, culture and nature. Thanks to its many spa centres, fascinating karst caves, delightful towns and historic castles, Slovenia is one of the best-loved European destinations to spend a thermal holiday.

For centuries, Slovenia has been regarded as the home of spa and wellness care. Slovene spa baths boast a long tradition, dating back to the Roman era. The abundant water springs and ideal natural conditions combined with centuries-old bathing traditions and the most advanced medical practices are the essential component of Slovenian spa centers.

Due to its geographical diversity and unspoilt nature, there are numerous places to enjoy a holiday in Slovenia. Whether on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, amongst the vineyards, in the woods or on the peaks of the Karavank mountains, there are many possibilities for relaxation and well-being in Slovenia, as well as entertainment and fun activities. Slovenian spa centres offer entertainment programmes for everyone - from the whole family, couples to solo travellers.

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Terme Čatež – 220 years of thermal history


Since the nineteenth century, Čatež has been the largest spa center and the second most visited tourist destination in Slovenia. Thanks to its optimal geographical position, surrounded by the Bizeljsko hills, Čatež is protected from the cold winds, making the climate favorable for holidays in Slovenia in both summer and winter. Čatež's thermal springs are considered among the hottest in the country. Its spa facilities offer countless opportunities for relaxation and water sports activities for all ages and any time of year.

For nature lovers, it is possible to go hiking or cycling in the enchanting surrounding nature, for example in the Gorjanci forests or on the Bizeljsko hills covered with vineyards, where wine tasting is recommended. In addition, you can visit various cultural and historical attractions: just 7km away lies the medieval castle of Mokrice, the most beautiful in the region and completely restored, or the castle of Brežice.  

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Moravske Toplice









Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice

The Pannonian Sea, which millions of years ago stretched across this region, in the heart of Prekmurje, has left a rich heritage of hot springs.  Following the hills of the Goricko region up to the Pannonian plain, there are many thermal springs with the famous black thermal water, unique to Slovenia. Moravske Topice's thermal water is hypertonic and hyperthermal and contains sodium carbonate chloride, rich in healing effects for health and physical well-being, especially for the treatment of rheumatism, pulmonary and skin diseases.

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Radenci – surrounded by health sources

Radenci is located in the northeast of Slovenia, in the land of grain fields and vineyards, along the banks of the Mura River. Radenci is the home of the famous natural mineral water Radenska, which for 130 years has provided natural healing effects, making this one of the most unique spas in the world. Radenci's mineral water has a natural carbon dioxide content with an output temperature of 41 ° C. It is one of the most substantial mineral waters in Europe and can be drunk directly from the source. Radenska water has many therapeutic effects and benefits on the body, especially for cardiovascular diseases. It stabilizes blood pressure, improves digestion and neutralizes acid in the stomach. The healing effects have previously been recognised by the Pope and the Austrian imperial court.

Radenci's mild climate with more than 250 sunny days a year contributes to psychophysical well-being and facilitates the practice of outdoor sports activities such as hiking and walking. Radenci hosts numerous cultural events and folklore events, including the famous "Maratona dei Tre Cuori" marathon, which for more than thirty years has hosted more than 10,000 international competitors annually.

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Portorož – wellness on the coast

Portorož is the most visited and lively seaside resort on the Slovenian coast. The Mediterranean climate, the wide range of culinary specialties, the enchanting nature of the Strugnano Nature Reserve, the clean air and the clear sea of the bay make Portorož the perfect destination for your holiday in Slovenia.

In the thermal spa area of Portorož, you will find the largest and most renowned wellness-spa in Europe with both ayurvedic treatments and thalasso, ideal for complete body rejuvenation and relaxing the mind.

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Slovenia's thermal spas are therefore a great destination for those who want to combine a relaxing holiday with activities in nature, while enjoying breathtaking views and local culinary delights. Slovenia is the favorite destination for a holiday where all five senses are spoiled, giving strength and vitality to the body and mind. If you would like to read more about what to do in Slovenia, be inspired with our blog article.

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