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A fascinating land where ancient history seeps into fleeting moments of the present and captivating cultural phenomena can be seen in every corner of the land, Jordan is an ideal destination for anyone searching for a unique wellness treatment

One of Jordan's greatest attractions for wellness lovers is the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth and one of the planet's saltiest bodies of water. This high level of salinity makes swimming in the Dead Sea an unusual experience - you can quite simply lie back and float, and let your worries drift away. Due to its unique properties, the mineral rich salt, water and mud from the Dead Sea has been used for a long time to treat psoriasis, eczema, rheumatisms and for after-care treatments following accidents or surgery. Our hotels in Jordan are all situated in a prime location on the coast of the Dead Sea, with easy access to high quality medical centres offering professional cures and vast spa areas with a variety of Dead Sea beauty and wellness treatments. In our Dead Sea hotels in Jordan, you'll receive the very best of Jordanian hospitality, superior accommodation and stunning views of the Dead Sea.

With the mysterious 2000 year old city of Petra carved out of magnificent reddish rock just a short journey away and the Dead Sea directly on your doorstep, our hotels are perfect for experiencing the highlights of Jordan. To book your SpaDreams escape to Jordan, contact our expert customer service team today! 

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