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Powdery white beaches stretch out to meet turquoise shores, which blend into a glassy sapphire sea, perfectly formed palm trees cast gentle silhouettes across sparkling pools and rare, exotic birds and animals populate the island. According to Mark Twain, "Mauritius was made first and then heaven, heaven being copied after Mauritius". 

From the top of Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire, Mauritius's highest peak, the whole island unfolds under your feet. You'll see brilliant blue waves lapping against a belt of pure white sand, met by vivid green trees that spread across the rest of the island. These inviting waves are home to a myriad of tropical species waiting to be discovered by keen divers. Take to the water by sail boat, canoe, kayak or water-ski and enjoy an active leisure escape in Mauritius. 

Situated amongst dramatic landscapes lie some of our most luxurious hotels. Specialising in sumptuous spa treatments, our stunning resorts offer wellness programmes such as paradisiacal relaxation and hibiscus therapy which include soothing massages, tropical flower spas, Turkish Hammam baths and much more. Yoga and meditation are also on offer, for those in search of a renewed sense of balance and inner-tranquillity, in addition to holistic Ayurveda wellness treatments. Excursions are available from the majority of our hotels, allowing you to explore with ease and discover all the treasures this paradisiacal island has to offer. 

Does Mauritius sound like your idea of heaven on earth? Get in touch with our friendly customer service team today and we can help you find your own personal paradise in Mauritius, guaranteed at the best price! 

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