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Free rebooking and cancellation

We want you to be able to think about booking your next trip without worries. Therefore, we waive rebooking fees and guarantee free rebooking and cancellation up to 14 days before arrival. 

Your advantages at a glance: 

  • Free rebooking and cancellation up to 14 days prior to arrival
  • Free rebooking and cancellation up to 1 day before arrival in case of travel warning
  • SpaDreams waives any rebooking fees
  • Secured as a package tour with insolvency protection

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Flying in times of Covid-19

Anyone who wants to fly can do so. Although the range of flights on offer is less extensive, it is still easy to book a flight. 

To make flying as safe as possible, airlines have developed hygiene concepts to a very high standard. Highly effective air filter systems generate a very rapid exchange of air. In addition, the air in the aircraft always flows from top to bottom to reduce the risk of infection to a minimum.

In addition to the general mask requirement, SpaDreams recommends wearing an FFP2 mask without a breathing valve throughout the flight. This not only protects other travelers, but the filtering function of the FFP2 mask filters 94% of NaCl test aerosols according to the test standard when used correctly.

Behavior at the destination

There are different protective measures in each country. However, it is recommended to follow the general rules of conduct (keep your distance, observe hygiene, wear a daily mask, ventilate rooms and use the warning app) at all times, even when on vacation. In some destinations, use of the country's Corona warning app may also be a prerequisite for staying in the country.

Vaccinated or recovered travelers

Vaccinated persons and persons recovered from Covid-19 may travel with us despite travel warning. In contrast to persons who have not yet contracted Corona, science assumes that in the case of vaccinated persons and those recovered from Covid-19, they themselves have only a very low probability of contracting SARSCov2 and in the few cases only a mild course and little to no contagiousness.

If you can prove to us that the second vaccination of all travel participants at the time of the start of the trip was already longer than 1 week ago, there is nothing against a trip to a risk area. The same applies in case all travel participants can show a positive Corona antibody test.

Situation and measures in the travel countries

Regulations for your trip abroad


Lockdown continues

The German government has announced in its press release that, for the time being, the measures currently in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus will remain in place until March 7th.

In this context, tourist accommodations also remain closed, so that traveling to Germany is currently not possible. Exceptions are made for medical stays.

Recommendation: Book a travel date from April 2021 onwards


Entry currently not possible

The country is currently classified as a risk area. Therefore, a travel warning is in effect.  Commercial air traffic is currently forbidden, there are no tourist visas available. 

Corona infection risk: low*.

Recommendation: Book a travel date from June 2021 onwards.


Entry for tourists possible with restrictions

Jordan is currently classified as a risk area due to increasing infection figures. Therefore, a travel warning has been issued.

Tourists are allowed to enter. Requirements are a negative Covid-19 test (not older than 72 hrs), and another test upon arrival at the airport. This is conveniently prepaid by the traveler. For the transmission of the test result, it is necessary to provide a mobile number at the airport. 

A nationwide curfew is in effect from 0 to 6 a.m. daily, and wearing mouth-nose protection and gloves when entering stores, etc. is mandatory. 

Corona infection risk: very high*

Recommendation: Book a travel date from June 2021 onwards


Risk area and travel warning

Poland is classified as a risk area. Therefore, the a travel warning has been issued for the entire country. 

Quarantine is mandatory when entering via an external EU border. When entering via an internal border by private vehicle, quarantine is not required. In addition, persons who have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 may enter without quarantine, even if they arrive by public transport. 

Public life has been severely scaled down. Hotels are currently allowed to accommodate 50% of their capacity.

Corona infection risk: very high*.

Recommendation: Book a travel date from May 2021 onwards.


Travel warning

Spain is currently classified as a high incidence area. Therefore, a travel warning of the is in effect. 

Upon entry, a health form must be filled out and temperature measurements must be expected. People traveling by plane can fill out the form online 48 hours before entry. Since November 23rd, a negative PCR test result (English or Spanish, with complete personal information) must also be presented, no more than 72 hrs old upon entry. Individual autonomous communities have also imposed entry/exit bans. 

In addition, tourists should use the Spanish Corona warning app during their stay. 

Corona infection risk: very high*

Recommendation: Book a travel date from May 2021 onwards

Sri Lanka

Entry possible again

Colombo International Airport has reopened to international tourists on January 21st. 

A "safe travel" concept has been developed, which allows entry without mandatory quarantine. Guests who have booked a stay in a so-called "Safe & Secure Level 1" hotel receive an appropriate visa and can enter the country by presenting a negative PCR test.

More information can be found here.

Corona infection risk: increased*.

Recommendation: bookable as of now

*Categorization according to 7-day incidence

  • Corona free (according to the report of the country)
  • low (up to 25 new infections within 7 days per 100.000 inhabitants)
  • medium (up to 35 new infections within 7 days per 100.000 inhabitants)
  • increased (up to 50 new infections within 7 days per 100.000 inhabitants)
  • high (up to 100 new infections within 7 days per 100.000 inhabitants)
  • very high (more than 100 new infections within 7 days per 100.000 inhabitants)

Based on data from the Global Change Data Lab

Due to the current dynamic situation regarding Corona infections, changes can always occur at short notice. This page is updated once a week. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. In case of doubt, please refer to the information provided by the Department of State or the Foreign Office regarding travel advisories for your country of destination. 

Dated: 04.03.2021

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