Heaven on earth for nature lovers

Welcome to Slovakia!

Where dusky blue evening skies are flecked with wisps of purple tinted clouds, where rolling mountains bath in the golden light of a setting sun and where unparalleled natural beauty shapes the land, Slovakia is heaven on earth for nature lovers worldwide. Perhaps it's the way the smoky evening mists lick the lofty peaks of Slovakia's mountain ranges, or the otherworldly splendour of its vast network of underground caves: Slovakia possesses a certain ethereal quality that makes its guests feel as though they are stepping into a fairytale. 

The red-roofed buildings of Bratislava, Slovakia's capital, could have been lifted straight out of the pages of a story book. Bratislava hides an abundance of charming treasures, from local delicacies to quirky sculptures, and is small enough to be explored on foot. 

For a peaceful wellness escape away from the crowds of tourists, we highly recommend Piestany, the biggest spa town in Slovakia. The spa town has a long and fascinating history, and has played host to many notably guests, such as Ludwig Van Beethoven and the monarchs Wilhelm II of Germany, Karl I of Austria-Hungary, and Ferdinand I of Bulgaria. Our spa hotels in Piestany specialise in the highest quality medical wellness and thermal cures, utilising the natural minerals and thermal waters Slovakia has to offer. Relax in complete comfort and let teams of highly experienced specialists cater for your every need. 

If you'd like to discover Slovakia's unique allure for yourself, contact our expert customer service team and discover your perfect holiday in Slovakia! 

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