Our Philosophy

Satisfaction is not enough, we want to excel!


"Originated as a pioneer, positioned as a specialist, successful as the market leader."

Fit Reisen, the parent company of SpaDreams, is the inventor of Health & Wellness travel. We have established ourselves as a specialist and the market leader in high quality health-related travel for all age groups. We have maintained this position, and will keep expanding and surprising the market with our innovative new ideas in the field of spa, fitness, health and wellness tourism. For customers, travel agencies, hotels and other partners - the specialist for Health & Wellness travel is SpaDreams.



"SpaDreams: spa and wellness oases worldwide – destination: health and wellness!"

SpaDreams has been a specialist and pioneer for physical health and well-being for over 40 years. We develop and organise high quality trips which aim to boost your health and wellness. Our professional, reliable and friendly service is tailored to suit to the individual needs of our customers. 

Our goal is to make each customer happy and help them to enjoy a dream holiday thanks to our first class service. Everybody in our team is committed to pursuing this goal and ensuring that all of our guests are satisfied with their holiday experience.


Values and Cooperation

"We have high expectations from ourselves as well as from the way we treat other people."

We treat every person in a respectful and friendly manner. We are highly authentic, have an optimistic, positive attitude and take pleasure in inspiring other people.

In our working environment we are motivated, competent, and results and success orientated. We are open to suggestions and opinions. We are a team and work as a team, following the rules of our company philosophy. We build bridges between departments and locations by supporting each other and making use of all of our resources. 

Everyone's strengths are made use of and work is fairly divided. Our dynamic is defined by trust, esteem, tolerance and attentiveness. We deal with conflict, listen to one another and make room for different opinions. We always try to take the edge off conflicts and avoid personal insults. We engage with feedback, always strive to improve, and handle stressful situations with decorum and professionalism. 


"Highest quality is our goal and our passion."

We aim at accuracy and perfection in everything we do. All the processes we are involved in at SpaDreams are oriented towards meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. We are aware that every customer is an individual and with our tailored services we want to share our excitement and passion with each of our clients. We welcome any feedback as we want to improve further and excel.

Customer Service

"With care and expertise we make your dream holiday come  true."

Our service team are always happy to help, and offer a highly individualised service,  tailored to fulfil all of your needs. We will always listen to all of your enquires and ask the right questions to use our specialist knowledge and enthusiasm to create the optimal offer for every customer. We take great pleasure in arranging individual holidays for every customer and are happy to receive feedback about the holiday. We take an open minded, caring, authentic and professional approach to all of our customer service. 

Partner Hotels

"A partnership with the leader in Health & Wellness travel is successful and enjoyable!"

SpaDreams differentiates itself from other tour operators through the greatest range of hotels offering Health & Wellness programmes and treatments. Excellent relations with our partner hotels have been achieved through close cooperation and an individual approach. High quality, health-orientated hotels with a distinctive service are chosen by the product management and marketed both by SpaDreams directly and by more than 10,000 travel agency partners. The unique points of each hotel are highlighted to allow customers to shape their holiday according to their individual needs.  

Furthermore, we are happy to serve our partner hotels as consultants, as we are highly specialised in the Health & Wellness tourism sector. We have a deep understanding of the wishes and expectations of the guests, as well as the hottest trends and innovations in the Health & Wellness industry. 



"Our holiday packages are as individual as our customers: Everything is possible!"

As a specialised tour organiser, we stay aware of the newest trends and select the ones most effective for enhancement of health & well-being. This way we can create and shape an exclusive, individual product that is tailored to the needs and wishes of the customer. We make the impossible come true and always offer the most attractive deal, complete with our best price guarantee. 


Travel Agencies

"Unmatched expertise and individual care distinguish SpaDreams as a travel agency partner."

SpaDreams is the first point of contact when it comes to health-related travels. We offer fast and cooperative handling of all requests and are always available to share our expertise in health & wellness travel. We ensure the highest reliability and provide a clear and easy booking processes for many systems.



"We market our products in line with clear positioning and a belief in the honest and genuine presentation of the features of the high-quality products we advertise. We place a great value on the recommendations of our satisfied customers, which help us to prove our market leading position."

We anticipate the desires of our guests as we keep an eye on the newest trends, and we are proud to offer dream holidays. We deliver what we promise. We pursue our objectives set up in line with our mission and vision. Through the clear positioning as a health travel organiser we distinguish ourselves from the rest of the competition. The most important and best advertisers are satisfied customers. All our employees bear this in mind and make all efforts to exceed the expectations of our clients. 


Economic Viability

"A healthy and growing company provides the best quality holidays ."

Each of our employees demonstrate entrepreneurial skills in  their ability to weigh costs and benefits, and to manage their time through prioritisation of tasks for efficient work. Our employees know the meaning and worth of their work for the company's success. This results in appreciation and taking personal responsibility for their contributions to common goals through individual tasks. 

Any challenges and problems encountered by our employees are solved effectively, as our employees know that they can count on help of their superiors and openly report any obstacles.

Our work is profitable. With continued growth above the market average, we aim at an annual sales growth of 30%. To achieve this high goal, we have to be better than the rest of our competitors in every aspect. We strive to be  even faster and more efficient at fulfilling the wishes of our guests at the best possible price. Each of us is fully dedicated to achieving our common aim. 



"Real and deep relaxation can be achieved only in harmony with our environment."

We use green electricity in our office facilities and avoid any kind of waste at work. We travel by public transport whenever possible. We offer our customers the possibility to travel CO2-neutral, and encourage them to use this opportunity. We encourage our hotel partners to promote sustainable tourism and provide benefits for the local communities and the environment.