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If there is one thing Hungary is famous for, it’s luxurious thermal baths. The healing properties of these thermal spring waters were discovered in ancient Roman times and have been used for therapy, disease prevention, and aftercare following injuries or serious illnesses ever since. Although there are many other thermal spas around the rest of Europe, Hungary has been blessed with thousands of them. Amongst turquoise lakes, open meadows and blue mountains, visitors are blessed with healing thermal waters which prove an effective medical treatment for a variety of health issues.

The thermal spas in Hungary each contain differing levels of minerals and as such each thermal spa resort in Hungary offers unique treatments. Read on for an overview of the different types of thermal spas in each resort in Hungary…

Bad Héviz, Zala County

One of the most unique thermal spa resorts in Hungary is Hévíz, home to the largest thermal lake in Europe formed over 22 thousand years ago. Red waterlilies border the steaming turquoise waters which have been attracting guests for centuries, whatever the weather or season. The hot springs that feed into Lake Hévíz are rich in radon and sulphur, and can help with mobility disorders or rehabilitation programmes.

Sárvár, Vas

Close to the Austrian border lies another well-known thermal spa destination in Hungary – the town of Sárvár – a name meaning “mud” (Sár) and ‘”castle” (vár) in Hungarian. It is a small yet charming spa town with a number of cultural and outdoor activities, from ancient churches to forest walks. This you can enjoy alongside the healing thermal spring water that the sárvár hotels will use to pamper you. Containing a high concentration of hydrogen carbonate, these waters visibly smooth the skin and improve health, so you’ll be bursting with energy both during and after your holiday here.

Bük, Vas

If you like mountainous landscapes, Bük is the spa town for you, situated in the meadows of the Alpine foothills. Unlike other spa resorts in Hungary, Bük was not discovered as a spa destination by the Romans, but instead relatively recently, by workers looking for oil in the 1950s. The waters have a high concentration of alkali hydrogen, potassium and calcium and have been shown to improve a variety of illnesses.

Lake Balaton, Transdanubia

Lake Balaton, the largest lake in central Europe, has a mountainous, wine-growing northern shore and a flat southern shore full of spa towns. It's not far from Bad Héviz and so you can reasonably plan to visit both stunning locations during your trip to Hungary. The climate is similar to that of the Mediterranean and as such has been helping wine growers to grow the perfect grape since roman times, over two thousand years ago!

Budapest, Central Hungary

Budapest - the capital of the land of thermal springs. Iconic spas such as the art deco Spa Gellert captivate its visitors with an array of cultural attractions, architectural wonders and unique landscapes. Learn more about Budapest’s Thermal Spa hotels here.

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