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The healing properties of thermal waters were discovered in ancient Roman times and since then they have been used for therapy, the prevention of certain diseases, and aftercare following injuries or serious illnesses. Thermal spa treatments are not exclusive to one area or region and can be found in many places in Europe, however Hungary remains truly blessed with its healing thermal waters used for effective medical wellness treatments

The springs in thermal spas in Hungary all differ from one another in the composition of their waters, which is why each of the thermal spa resorts in Hungary can offer unique treatments, dependant on the properties of the local thermal springs. 

The most unique thermal spa resort in Hungary is Hévíz, the home of the largest thermal lake in Europe. It is known as a therapeutic mud. The hot springs that feed into Lake Hévíz are rich in radon and sulphur, and the high water temperature of the lake makes it suitable for bathing all year around.

Another well-known thermal spa destination in Hungary is Sárvár – a tiny yet charming town with spa hotels offering treatments with use water containing a high concentration of hydrogen carbonate, which visibly smooths skin. If you like mountainous landscapes, you should definitely visit Buek – a resort in the Alpine foothills. Unlike other spa resorts in Hungary Buek was not discovered as a spa destination by the Romans, but by workers looking for oil in the 1950s.

Last but not least: Budapest - the capital of the land of thermal springs. In addition to its iconic spas such as Spa Gellert in art déco style or the baroque Széchenyi Baths, Budapest captivates its visitors with an array of cultural attractions and stunning landscapes. Call our expert customer service team to book your visit today!

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