Enjoy an oriental flair with a French-Arabic charm

Welcome to Tunisia!

From the endless stretches of the Sahara desert in the South to the paradisiacal, fertile valleys of the North and East coasts - Tunisia's diversity captivates its visitors

Not far from the tip of Italy, sprawling pine forests weave their way between rolling hills and deep, valley where fruit trees and olive gardens blossom. Indulge in a well-earned break with an oriental twist! Nibble on juicy dates and figs, leave your everyday life behind and relax under the warming rays of the ethereal sunlight that falls between the dunes. 

Enjoy traditional thalasso treatments which utilise the natural minerals of the sea to tone and smooth the skin, giving a new sense of energy and vitality.

If you're searching for a more active form of relaxation, plan a city tour through Tunis, Carthage and Sidi Bou Said - these three mesmerising cities are so close together that they can be visited in one go. Discover the glittering glamour of the capital city, Tunis, with its lively streets and flamboyant market stands, before visiting the ancient city of Carthage where modern Tunisian colours, scents and mingle with the marks of legends of the past. After your trip back in time, discover the epitome of French-Arabic charm in the picturesque city of Sidi Bou Said, where you'll find charming white houses with blue doors, each with their own individual atmosphere. Sip a tradismells tional Tunisian mint tea as you sit back and relax, enjoying panoramic views of the gently swirling, turquoise sea.

Discover the magic of Tunisia and experience cultural and culinary treasures in an oriental atmosphere.

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