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Oriental holidays with cultural highlights and optimal relaxation

Welcome to Turkey!

Comfortable and relaxed, you lie on your towel on the fine sandy beach. Gently, a warm breeze sweeps over your skin while you enjoy the wonderful summer weather in the shade of a small group of palm trees during your individual holiday with SpaDreams. Just turn off and let go of your work and everyday life for a few days from your thoughts. Now the time has come: You can leave the stress and hectic pace of the past days and weeks behind you.

Relax on the beach of the Aegean or Turkish Riviera and watch dolphins, local marine life and plants on adventurous boat trips. Due to the different climatic conditions and landscape forms in Turkey, you can enjoy an unbelievable variety of native animal and plant species, which you can observe during walks and hikes through the national parks.

Immerse yourself in a holiday adventure full of adventure and relaxation and recreation. Stay active while surfing, sailing or waterskiing and later rest on the beach of the azure Mediterranean, while you can let the waves dangle under the gentle sound of the waves.

Increase your personal well-being with a regenerating massage or spa wellness treatment. Experience the oriental hammam, a traditional Turkish oriental cleansing ritual with soap-foam massage and give yourself a moment of peace and quiet in the spacious spa and sauna area of ​​one of SpaDream's high-quality hotels and resorts.

Together with us you can combine your holiday perfectly with health-promoting programs and sports activities. How about an invigorating detox cure on the idyllic west coast of Turkey? Choose from Active Adventures and Yoga cruises to relaxing Wellness Stays, we can help you craft your perfect holiday in Turkey. 

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