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Just one mention of the country Morocco invokes images of glittering cities, colourful markets and spicy cuisine, an overwhelming amalgamation of  African and Arabic influences, which blend together to form a unique atmosphere and a certain kind of oriental charm. Despite the bombardment of colours, scents and sensations in the city centres, the tranquil corners of Morocco hide the perfect hotels for a wellness escape. 

Away from the vibrant bustle of the cities, our luxurious hotels offer complete sanctuary and the ideal atmosphere for recharging your batteries and indulging yourself in exotic spa treatments. Our comfortable hotels combine traditional Moroccan treatments such as donkey milk and Hammam baths with first-class amenities and warming hospitality to offer you the perfect wellness in Morocco experience. Morocco's ample coastline makes it an ideal destination for thalassotherapy. These treatments use the natural minerals found in sea water, mud and algae to firm and tone skin, aiding slimming treatments.

With water gymnastics, yoga and plenty of other activities on offer, you can get active during your wellness escape and take advantage of the stunning Moroccan landscapes and friendly trainers to keep you motivated! 

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