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It's time to get active! We offer an array of exciting activity holidays, including Nordic walking, Fitness, Hiking, Yoga and many more.

Golf fans can also work out with our golf and spa breaks and at the same time relax in a golf wellness hotel. Step into the most exclusive golf resorts in the world, improve your handicap and indulge in massages and baths after the exercise.

Our activity packages are available in over 100 hotels in diverse locations across the globe, from lofty alpine peaks in the heart of Austria to pristine white beaches on the shores of Thailand. From yoga retreats in India and Balinese dancing classes in Indonesia, to fitness courses in Portugal and hiking in Germany, we have something to suit the needs of every active leisure enthusiast

Visit your dream destinations and keep active at the same time with our extensive range of activites. Trek through stunning forest paths that wind through breathtaking mountains and across bubbling streams, work up a sweat on the beach with cardio power aerobics or perfect elegant asanas at a yoga retreat. If you're looking for an active leisure adventure, our exotic holidays offer a range of exciting activities, from dolphin sailing to scuba diving.  

Whether you're looking to lose weight and get fit, or simply searching for an active alternative to a romantic weekend with your partner, SpaDreams can create the perfect package for you.

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