Boot Camp Holiday

Boot Camp Holidays

Unleash your energy and strengthen your body

Start exercising? Yes, but…

Now the question is when to start. Tomorrow? Next week? There are always a million reasons not to start and we are all aware of these problems. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak!

With SpaDreams boot camp holidays you can bring an end to the excuses! At our boot camps your inner procrastinator will have nowhere to hide as you being your new lifestyle of fitness and healthy eating. The professional boot camp trainers ensure that you reach unimagined limits and tap into your individual strengths. With varied fitness exercises and fun activities, you will never forget this special active leisure holiday.

A boot camp is a fun, effective and often life-changing way to improve your fitness and reach your weight-loss goals. Re-train your mind, body and spirit in some of the most idyllic locations in the world where you can escape the trappings of everyday life to take the first step towards leading the life you want to live.

Your diet will also be adjusted to meet the particular needs of a hard-working boot camper. Healthy and nutritious food will quickly replenish energy reserves and let the superfluous pounds shed.

Boot Camp Holiday

That sounds too military for you? No fear! You do not have to crawl under barbed wire in our boot camps.

The main focus is to have fun and test your own limits. Learn what it means to go to your own limits and how good it feels when you have passed them for the first time despite exhaustion as you defeat the inner procrastinator! A stronger, more confident and healthier you will emerge from this experience ready to implement everything you have learned into daily life back home.

Our boot camps can help focus the mind as much as they help optimise the body. Experience meditation at our boot camps to complete your transformation and put you in the right frame of mind to continue what you started once you return home.

And we would not be SpaDreams if we did not have the odd well-earned massage to relax the body after a day of training. Luxury spa therapists are on hand to knead out every last knot and relax all your tight muscles to make you feel brand new and get you ready to tackle another day of exciting activities and intensive exercise.

Now is the time for action, do what you always promised yourself you would and get started by checking out our tailored boot camp holidays and find the one that best suits your needs.

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