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Uncover the healing powers of the Dead Sea

For thousands of years, the Dead Sea, lying between Jordan and Israel, has been sought-after for its excellent healing and rejuvenation properties. Dead sea hotels keep alive this age-old tradition in a strikingly modern way.

As the lowest point and one of the saltiest water bodies in the world, the Dead Sea is endowed with rich minerals and curative elements, offering tremendous health benefits. This makes Dead Sea Hotels an ideal choice for spa holidays. Whether you would like to enjoy the natural buoyancy of floating in the sea, cure your skin and joint ailments, or simply enjoy a fun-filled and relaxing beach holiday, our select hotels in Dead Sea are an excellent choice. With dedicated natural solariums, fresh water streams, luxury therapy suites and fitness centres, Dead Sea Hotels invite you to enjoy a wide array of health and beauty therapies. From getting rid of psoriasis and acne, to enhancing your mood and memory and easing stress, Dead Sea Hotels could do wonders to your body, mind and spirit.

You can also find dedicated state-of-the-art rooms for medical, physical and psychological care. Try under-water massages, herbal facials, mud packages, cryo therapy and a whole lot more. Relaxation or healing, business or pleasure, Dead Sea Hotels guarantee a memorable experience.

Furthermore, by booking with SpaDreams, you can rest assured that you are guaranteed the best of all Dead Sea Hotels, with world-class facilites and staff, all at a great price. 

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