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Dead Sea Hotels and Therapies

The Dead Sea is a salt lake with its surface and shores approx. 400 meters below sea level. The climate of the Dead Sea is unique and has a therapeutic effect known around the world.

The desert air is extremely dry, virtually pollution-free and enriched in minerals. Maximum humidity is 35% precipitation, and about 50 ml per year. Due to relatively high content of oxygen in the air and a high concentration of minerals in the sea and nourishing black mud, the Dead Sea is the best possible destination for a climatic cure.

Additionally, the reduced ultraviolet radiation allows for healthy tanning and relaxing 330 days a year. The climate of the Dead Sea is pleasantly warm and sunny, even during the winter. A stay by the Dead Sea is ideal for rheumatic diseases and joint problems, as well as skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis.

Another interesting property of the Dead Sea is the high salt content in the water which gives you a fascinating feeling of weightlessness. This intriguing effect helps with rehabilitation of joints and muscles as it seems that the body is ten times lighter and all movements are easier. 

Dead Sea Treatments - When to undertake them

The best times for treating particular health conditions:

  • Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis (late March to early June / September to November)
  • Atopic dermatitis (March to May / September-November)
  • Vitiligo (April to October)
  • Ichthyosis and acne (vulgaris, conglobata, indurated among others, from February to May), scleroderma in the initial stage (April to June / September and October)
  • Parapsoriasis diseases, e.g. lichen planus (January to June / September to November)
  • Prurigo nodularis, mycosis fungoides st. I - II, alopecia areata, papular urticaria, uveitis (May-June / September and October)
  • Cystic fibrosis (November to March)
  • Respiratory diseases (October to March)
  • Rheumatic and orthopedic diseases (February to early June / September to December) such as rheumatoid arthritis, gouty arthritis, osteoarthritis, soft tissue rheumatism, osteoarthritis. Cervical vertebrae, sciatica, shoulder pain, myalgia, neuralgia, fibromyalgia.

Planning your stay - Please note:

The months of June, July and August are very hot and not ideal for most climatic cures as the temperature often exceeds 40 ° C.

The DMZ Medical Centre is closed during Jewish holidays.

Medical Centres Recommended by SpaDreams

Israel: DMZ - Medical centre located in Lot Spa hotel, which welcomes guests from all the hotels in the area. 

DMZ Medical Centre is a German facility specialised in advanced treatment of skin diseases, respiratory diseases and rheumatism. It is located in the Lot Spa Hotel, but is available for all the guests staying at the neighbouring dead sea hotels. With natural therapies using the resources of the region (sea water, salt, mud and air), the clinic with its doctors and specialists in dermatology, rheumatology, respiratory medicine contributes to sustainable healing process. The emergency medical service is on call 24 hours.

You can book a stay in any of our SpaDreams dead sea hotels in Ein Bokek and go to the medical centre for examination and treatments (the picture at the top of the page shows you the location of hotels). When you request a quote please indicate that you want a specific treatment (see table below) to be added to your quote. You can also book return airport transfer.

Jordan: Medical centres located in Dead Sea Spa Hotel and in Hotel Mövenpick.

Prices for Dead Sea Treatments in the DMZ

Price per person in €from 01.07. until 28.02.2017
TreatmentSpaDreams Code2 weeks3 weeks4 weeksAdditional week
Psoriatic arthritis903Z571610271369342

The Natural Solarium in Ein Bokek

The natural solarium is located on the beach of Ein Bokek, which offers privacy for the people interested solely in sunbathing for medical purposes. Sunbathing is available on prescription at the time slots prescribed by the doctor. The natural solarium is available for use for the guests of the neighbouring dead sea hotels specialised in health vacations.

There is a newspaper stand, sun beds, showers and toilets. Proper attire is required for swimming and bathing. The areas for men and women are separated.


Dead Sea Climate. 21°C is the room temperature (70°F).

Alternatives to the Dead Sea - Find a the Right Treatment Elsewhere

Are you looking for effective cure for psoriasis, neurodermatitis or asthma but you'd rather not travel to Israel or Jordan? SpaDreams can offer you alternatives in Europe and beyond. Our wide range of health and wellness holidays allows combination of relaxing spa stay, health treatments and exciting possibilities to discover new destinations around the world.

Check out our medical wellness offers or search for holiday offers aimed at specific medical conditions. We recommend Thalassotheraphy as well as Thermal cures and Fango mud treatments which bring outstanding effects in case of multiple health conditions.

Support during Dead Sea treatments:
  • Medical history analysis and medical examination
  • Development of an individual treatment programme with recommended sun bathing time, depending on the season, skin type and disease
  • All necessary creams, oils and medicines 
  • Final medical examination, medical care and medical report about the results

Additionally for psoriasis, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and acne:

  • Prescribed scalp treatments in DMZ for scalp psoriasis

Additionally for rheumatism, scleroderma, and uveitis:

  • All treatments prescribed by the doctor (around 3 per week), such as sulphur baths, baths in the Dead Sea, sunbathing, black mud wraps (hot and cold), cryotherapy, medical massage
  • In the cases of uveitis: ophthalmological examination

Additionally for psoriatic arthritis:

  • Combination of the treatments mentioned above

Additionally for asthma:

  • Spirometry (test of lung function) and its interpretation
  • Measuring the oxygen content in the blood
  • "Monitoring of the peak flow" (measure the maximum air flow during expiration)
  • 2 chest massages
  • Inhalations
  • Breathing exercises

Dead Sea Hotels in Israel

Dead Sea Hotels - Ein Bokek, hotels Israel, SpaDreams, wellness travel, cure for scalp psoriasis
Proven Results of Dead Sea Cures:
  • Maximum effectiveness
  • No side effects during treatment or afterwards
  • Good results even in severe cases
  • Treatments also suitable for children (except a very small number of contraindications)
  • Complete healing of skin lesions in most cases
  • Significant reduction or complete elimination of severe symptoms
  • Long-lasting effects
Dead Sea Hotels offer treatments for:
  • Psoriasis (incl. scalp psoriasis)
  • Neurodermatitis
  • Vitiligo
  • Acne
  • Asthma
  • Uveitis
  • Scleroderma
  • Rheumatism
  • Psoriatic arthritis

    Among others: heart, circulatory and kidney diseases, acute infectious diseases.

    We strongly recommend a medical consultation with your doctor before you consider any treatments by the Dead Sea.


    Consult with your doctor how to take your medicines before you go to Israel or Jordan for a Dead Sea treatment. It is recommended to limit the medicines you take to the very essential ones. Especially the creams with corticosteroid should be avoided and put away at least four weeks before the treatment. Cortisone tablets may be taken throughout the treatment in consultation with your doctor and the specialists in DMZ.

    Please make sure that you take with you a detailed health check report and a list of all the medicines you take. 

    Duration of the Treatments at Dead Sea Hotels


      • In all the dead sea hotels offering treatments in DMZ Medical Centre, you must stay for a minimum. of two weeks (14 nights). Special prices are offered for treatments lasting five-weeks or more. 


      • Dead Sea Spa - min. 1 week (7 nights) - special price from 21 nights. 
      • Mövenpick - min. 2 weeks (14 nights), up to 3 weeks. Longer treatments available on request.

      For the best results, we recommend at least 2-3 week treatments during the following times.

      - End of March until mid June

      - September - October

      From mid June until the end of August the temperatures are usually too high to enjoy the healing properties of the Dead Sea, and from late October until mid March it may be too cold for healing sunbathing and bathing in the sea.

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