Fitness Retreats in Thailand

Fitness Retreats in Thailand

Reach your goals with a SpaDreams Fitness Holiday in Thailand

First Choice Health and Fitness Holidays in Thailand

Turn your Holiday into a Health and Fitness Paradise

Fitness Holidays in Thailand

It's time to plan your next vacation, but this year instead of indulging in an all-you-can eat buffet, perhaps you feel like you want to focus on your health and fitness level? If you’re looking to combine beautiful sunshine with a fitness experience then Thailand is the perfect country for you. Whatever the reason for wanting to dedicate yourself and your holiday time to a fitness retreat, it is undeniable that it is easier to stay healthy when the weather is good and when once is surrounded by like-minded individuals.  
In addition to heaps of sunshine, amazing activity programmes, and unbeatable hospitality, many SpaDreams hotels match a fitness programme with a healthy partial or full board menu.  All to help guests not only come home with a fresh tan but also minus a few pounds.

A training trip abroad is also great motivation when you are just beginning to develop a new fitness regimen. It’s much easier to throw on the sneakers when you know that you can take a dip in a gorgeous pool afterwards, or better yet you could pamper your aching body with spa treatments. The paradisiacal environment combined with a little extra luxury makes the exercise almost flow on its own. Imagine taking on a physical Thai boxing working just to follow it up with a recovery massage, then later that day watching the sunset as you sip on a vitamin packed smoothie.

Something for Everyone

Fitness Retreat Thailand

SpaDreams offers wide variety of fitness programs to suit your needs. From calm and strength building exercises such as yoga or pilates to intense, sweat dripping boot camp style workouts, In Thailand you are bound to find the right fitness retreat for you.

If the idea of a refreshing sea breeze blowing while you join in on that mornings yoga class sounds like a perfect way to start the day, then look out for a SpaDreams yoga holiday in Thailand. If you want to feel the fat burn off with each drop of sweat that drips from your body, there are intensive boot camps style holidays in Thailand as well. Not sure which to choose? No problem! SpaDreams offers a wide range of excellent fitness programmes with a mix of both.

Take a healthy fitness training trip to Thailand and you will have more than just a casual holiday experience, you will have the opportunity to center yourself mind, body, and soul. Why wait? Book today for the best price guarantee!

Find a hotel that fits you just among our training trips in Thailand.

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